• Bead winding line for TBR

    Bead winding line for TBR tire/TBR Bead winding line/Bead bundle machine/Tire bead bundle machine. TBR Bead winding line is used for winding TBR Tyre bead ring. For the Bead winding line for TBR, the production efficiency of each batch, the cross-sectional shape of the bead and the number of winding is customizable.

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  • Bead winding line for PCR

    Bead winding line for PCR is used for winding PCR Tyre bead ring. Bead bundle machine;Tyre bead bundle machine;PCR bead winding line.

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  • Fully auto apex application(&flipper) production line

    It's fully integrated system for apex application and flippering on rubberized bead wire. The entire process from apex extrusion, conveying, cooling, storage, application (synchronous action of flipper let-off, application and cutting) to apexed bead collection, storage and trolley transportation is fully automatic. The system is with wide production range, uniform apex application(&flippering) performance for different bead wire size and structure.

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