Qingdao Delphy Technology Development Co.,Ltd.

Qingdao Delphy Technology Development Co., Ltd.


one design center

four manufacturing bases

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  • 01. Brand

    01. Brand

    Committed to become the excellent supplier for ingrating optimized tire machinery and service.

  • 02. Product

    02. Product

    Offer continuous upgrading and professional service and equipment for tire industry, and undertake EPC projects in the tire industry together with strategic partners.

  • 03. Market

    03. Market

    Serve the world’s Top-10 makers in tire industry by 1~3 kinds of products, follow up their market demand, subdivide market product according to its own production capacity and project


Focusing on the world's frontier rubber technology, regularly communicate and learning with large international academic teams and rubber industry experts to strengthen basic research of tire technology and equipment.

Participates in the incubation of production, education and research in the fields of new material, new technology and new equipment in 5 professional universities in China(The South China University of Technology, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Sichuan University, Shenyang chemical engineering university), provides promotion platform for production, education and research.