• Pin cold feed extruder series

    Pin cold feed extruder series is used for shearing and stirring the rubber at room temperature to extrude various types of rubber sheet.

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  • Compound splitting machine

    Compound splitting machine uses the working principle of leather split machine, mainly used for high-precision splitting unqualified multi-compound tread rubber, so that the unqualified composite rubber is separated according to different formula, to ensure the stability of the performance of the return rubber. The split return rubber after can be re-entered into the rubber mixing center in proportion.

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  • Electron beam irradiation system

    Electron beam irradiation system is used to improve the physical and mechanical properties of the tire materials and reduce the deformation of the carcass during manufacturing,transportation, building and curing under the premise of ensuring tire performance by irradiating the PCR cord ply or TBR inner liner.

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