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Electron beam irradiation system is used to improve the physical and mechanical properties of the tire materials and reduce the deformation of the carcass during manufacturing,transportation, building and curing under the premise of ensuring tire performance by irradiating the PCR cord ply or TBR inner liner.

Technical support    

1.The radiation window adopts the scanning structure, the energy stability and beam instability is less than 2%.

2. The electron beam energy is adjustable and the maximum rising speed of energy is 25kV/s,  the electron beam current is also adjustable and the maximum rising speed of beam current is 0.4mA/s, to meet the customer's various irradiation experiments.

3. The equipment is equipped with marking device, remote diagnosis platform and material cooling system.

4. With self-shielding accelerator structure used, the machine can be embedded online.

5. With the independent research&development of independent structure design, the machine has independent intellectual property rights.    

Technical Parameters

Materials to be irradiatedCord plyInner liner
Accelerator typeDG-type resonant transformerDG-type resonant transformer
Accelerator structureL-type self-shieldingL-type self-shielding
Max. beam current power75KW50kW
Beam energy adjustable range0.4~0.5 MeV0.4~0.5MeV
Beam current adjustable range0.5~150 mA0.5~100 mA
Beam energy instability≤±2%≤土2%
Beam current instability≤±2%≤土2%
Max. rising speed of beam energy25kV/s25kV/s
Max. rising speed of beam current0.4mA/s0.4mA/s
Scanning width1600 mm1200mm
Scanning non-uniformity≤±5%≤+5%
Vacuum degree on-load running≤2.0×10-4 Pa≤2.0×10-4 Pa

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