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PCR Bead winding system is mainly used for the bead winding and forming with hexagonal, square or other cross-sectional shape. Via the precise control of winder, wire pay-on device,height adjust and former expansion and collapse mechanism of the four axis servo control system to complete the production of various sections and turns of bead wire.

Technical support

1. Stable wire storage device(accumulator): The length of the stored wire is detected and controlled accurately by magnetostrictive displacement sensor. The wire storage is tightened by an independent traction cylinder to ensure the stable tension.

2. Accurate temperature control: The accuracy of four TCU can be up to ±1℃. Water temperature is electronically controlled.

3. Convenient CNC interface: Use manual operation to set, store and select bead recipe. Servo motor information and system diagnostic display on the screens.

4. Eliminating internal drooping: Each set of winding chuck mold is equipped with wire clamp rotating device to prevent internal drooping of the formed bead.

5. Equipped with wire breakage alarm and automatic lock up, wire shortage alarm and emergency stop function, ensuring the safety and reliability of equipment and personnel working environment. The equipment has passed CE(Europe) and UL(USA) certification.

Technical parameters




Bead specification

Hexagonal/Pentagonal/Square section

Square section

Applicable specification




Thickness of coated wire

Bare steel wire +0.4mm

Bare steel wire +0.4mm

Tolerance of coated wire thickness



Width of bead

Max.19mm or 16 steel wires

Max.19mm or 16 steel wires

Wire arrangement height

3~10 layers

3~10 layers

Winding maximum line speed capacity



Dimension accuracy of bead

Tolerance of bead inner diameter



Bead width accuracy



Bead height accuracy



Bead bottom width accuracy



Bottom angle tolerance of bead


Overlap length of steel wire

Below 5mm (Adjustable)


Winder mechanical accuracy

End runout accuracy



Radial runout accuracy



Radial diameter repeat accuracy



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