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Auto bead apex line is used for on-line application of Apex and bead ring during the tire manufacturing process of high efficiency and high quality. The Auto bead apex line can realize the whole line of intelligent linkage from the bead ring winding-(spiral wrapping&winding)-apex hot application-(U-shaped wrapping).

Technical parameters

NameApex&Flipper LineBead Flipper &Apex LineBladder turned-up Apex Application Line
Type of MachineAutomatic lineAutomatic lineAutomatic line
MoldsHexagon moldsHexagon moldsBladder
Drum range24"-46"
Fixed dimension
Applicable specification24"-46"15"-24.5"16"-63"
Applying methodsVertically applyingVertically applyingVertically applying
Apex Height (mm)25-17025-15025-250
Apex thickness(mm)12-5014-30mm5-60
Flipper width50-150mm2525-250
Flipper thickness0.9~1.2mm0.9~1.2mm0.9~1.2mm
Apex applying&stretching length
(Length from conveying to cutting process)
Apex cutting length accuracy≤5mm≤2mm≤5mm
Apex cutting section angle(Adjustable)30°~35°30°~35°18°~20°
Temperature of applied products≤55℃≤55℃≤55℃
Apex thickness tolerance±0.2mm±0.2mm±0.2mm
Apex overall width tolerance±2mm±2mm±2mm
Apex strips cooling methodsFan forced cooling, with industrial air conditioning and air conditioning room
On-line conveying speed designed(Max.)12m/min15m/min15m/min

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