Michelin unveils ‘eco-responsible’ tire

2020-11-09 17:28:43

Paris – Michelin Group is set to launch “eco-responsible” tire, which has been designed to take account of the full life-cycle impact of the product, according to a company announcement.

Called e-Primacy, the tire was designed using environmental-impact simulations encompassing factors, such as raw-materials extraction, manufacturing processes, distribution, usage and recycling of tires, said a 5 Nov Michelin statement.

The tire, Michelin said, will be "more ecological and economical" compared to its counterparts, while guaranteeing safety, grip and longevity.

Claimed to be “the most efficient” in its category, the tire is said to offer a 27% improvement in rolling resistance compared to an average offered by other premium summer-tire brands.

Michelin’s comparison figure is based on rolling-resistance tests carried out by Applus Idiada – on new tires in June and on tires ‘worn to 2mm’ in August.During its service life, the tire is claimed to generate on average a lower rolling resistance of 1.5 kg/tonne compared to competitors.This represents a fuel-saving worth €80 and a reduction in CO2 emissions equivalent to 174kg, according to Michelin.An ‘energy-passive’ compound, employing a “unique elastomer” to reduce energy-dissipation, contributes the most to e-Primacy’s low rolling resistance and fuel consumption, the company noted.

The tire also maintains a high level of performance “from the first to the last mile,” and passes the European standard certification test R117 under wet-braking after 30,000km of mileage.

To achieve this, Michelin has employed “MaxTouch Construction” technology, which optimises the stresses experienced when the tire's footprint comes in contact with the road.The feature promotes predictable handling, even wear and long treadlife and gives e.Primacy a “sound excellent longevity,” said the tire maker.

Michelin said the development of the tire was aligned with its "all sustainable" vision, as part of which the group has committed to reducing the CO2 emissions of all its production sites by 50% by 2030 from the 2010 baseline.In addition, Michelin aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and is working on the use of renewable or recycled materials in the composition of its tires while further improving their performance.

"In 2030, Michelin tires will have improved energy efficiency by 20% compared to 2010. Tomorrow everything will be sustainable," said Scott Clark, executive VP automotive, motorsport, experiences and America region.

Available in 56 references from 15 to 20 inches, the tire will be launched in Europe the spring of 2021. Michelin will produce the e-Primacy at plants in Germany, Spain and Italy, in line with its goal of manufacturing as close as possible to its markets.

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