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We covers TBR, PCR , OTR , industrial tire , agricultural tire, motorcycle tire, inner tube, rubber conveyor belt, PVC conveyor belt, rubber hose, traffic damping products, rubber tracks, etc. We can provide factory design documents, equipment procurement documents, manufacturing technical documents and technical training documents to our customers.

Our company has comprehensive market analysis, feasibility study, implementation plan preparation and comprehensive diagnosis capabilities; Optimization and improvement programs including present status evaluation and improvement measures can be proposed for the factory in terms of enterprise management, equipment performance, process technology, product quality.

AGR tire

Typical sizes
85 series70 series65 series60 series





1. The pattern block is a combination of V-shape pattern block and small pattern block with excellent driving performance;

2. The pattern block has two angles with the former smaller than the latter, thus improving front-angle grip and back-angle support;

3. The adjustable angles of pattern block can help tire do self-cleaning.

1. The combination of deeper big pattern block and shallower small pattern block can improve grip with excellent traction;

2. The angle of pattern block is designed to be 45°to ensure excellent self-cleaning and traction of tire;

3. Special deeper pattern with special formula design can better anti-blister and anti-abrasion with less slide-roll ratio. 

1. Small-angle transverse pattern block can provide excellent passage performance;

2. Special pattern can improve the protection to the land;

3. Special formula design can improve the anti-blister and anti-tear performance with longer service life.