Electron beam processing system, EBR System, EPS for tire irradiation pre-curing

2019-10-12 12:28:29

Application: The Electron beam processing system (electron beam accelerator),EBR system called as well, activates rubber matrix macromolecules, then the activated macromolecules form radicals at each end of it, the radicals recombine under an unstable condition.Finally,the original chain structure becomes a three-dimensional network structuremaking occurring the cross-linking, getting the material a stronger physical performance.


How it works

Embeded Online:directly connected with PCR cord calender production lineOr TBR lining line connection for on-line irradiation.


Main structure


What we benefit from it ?



EBR System Highlights

1,Quality improvement: prevents material displacement, improves tire product dynamics and high-speed durability. TBR tire’s durability increased by 18%, uniformity increased by more than 30%; PCR tire’s dynamic and uniformity increased by more than 8%.
2,Cost reduction: Thinning the transition layer or even eliminating it. TBR transition layer can be reduced by 1mm;  PCR tire transition layer can be reduced by 0.2-0.4mm, or even get canceled.
3,High safety:Leakage dose≤1μSv/h when it’s tested 100mm away.(International standard≤1.8μSv/h )

Technial Features

1,Online embedded:Modularized design enables the equipment being embed in production line easily.Matching speed is adjustable between 0~70m/min(for carcass ply)and 0~40m/min(for inner liner).  
2,High stability:Beam instability ≤±2%, scanning non-uniformity ≤5%.
3,Low maintenance cost: independent R&D, annual maintenance cost ≤ 200,000 yuan.
4,Diversification of options: such as marking device, infrared temperature measurement device, material cooling system.
5,One-stop service is provided by an expert technical support team.