2024: China's tire brands and market value rankings

May 31,2024

Brand is the soul of an enterprise's existence and development. With the rise of China's manufacturing industry, many Chinese companies have shown their soft power and gained favor with brand value, turning crisis into opportunity and achieving growth against the trend. In the tire industry, some national brands are also rising and moving towards the global high-end with their own strength.

Chaoyang Tire

Zhongce Rubber has not yet been listed. As early as 2021, the company's revenue had exceeded 30 billion yuan. Among them, Chaoyang Tire is one of the brands under ZC Rubber Group. Currently, it has covered the fields of passenger car tires, commercial car tires, engineering tires, industrial and agricultural tires and two-wheel tires, and has now become a supporting cooperative supplier for more than 40 famous OEMs.

The Chaoyang brand was born in 1966. In 2004, Chaoyang all-steel radial tire won the title of "Chinese Brand"; In 2005, "Chaoyang" was rated as a well-known Chinese trademark; In 2011, ZC Rubber was ranked among the top 10 tire manufacturers in the world.

Where the sun rises, there are Chaoyang Tires. Today, Chaoyang Tire has been redefined as the "new benchmark for China's high-end tires" and its popularity in domestic and international markets continues to increase.

Sailun Tire

As of press time, Sailun Tire's total market value was approximately RMB 49.65 billion. In terms of operating performance, Sailun has been on an upward trend for many years, with its industry ranking steadily improving. In 2023, it ranked 12th in global tire revenue.

In 2023, the World Brand Lab released the 2023 "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" analysis report. Sailun Tire ranks 116th with a brand value of 80.572 billion yuan, an increase of 12.004 billion yuan from last year, setting a new record.

Faced with increasingly fierce market competition at home and abroad, Sailun has formulated its 2025 development strategy, striving to achieve technological independence, intelligent manufacturing, and international brand by 2025, and become an influential tire company in the world.

Linglong Tire

As of press time, Linglong Tire's total market value was approximately RMB 31.46 billion. In 2021, Linglong Tire launched the high-end positioning of "Seven of the world's top ten automakers choose Linglong Tire", with diversified brand strategies and scenario-based brand marketing ideas, the company is moving towards first-class brand development. It is the only company in the Chinese tire industry that has been listed in the "The world's most valuable tire brand" list of the British authoritative organization Brand Finance for many consecutive years.

So far, Linglong Tire has provided supporting services to more than 60 automobile factories and more than 100 production bases around the world. The supporting brands continue to develop in a high-end direction, and the recognition, trust and influence of Linglong Tire brand are gradually increasing.

In 2023, Linglong Tire ranked 111th among the "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" with a brand value of 82.717 billion yuan, and its brand value increased by nearly 15 billion yuan compared to 2022.

Maxxis Tire

As of press time, the total market value of Cheng Shin Group was approximately RMB 42.394 billion. Maxxis is a high-end tire brand under Cheng Shin Rubber (China) Co., Ltd. It ranks among the top ten tire brands in the world, and its products are sold in more than 180 countries and regions around the world.

Maxxis has invested billions to build a research and development center and a large-scale, high-level professional tire testing field, introducing the world's most advanced research and development technology and testing equipment to ensure product quality and competitiveness from the source.

Double Coin/Warrior Tire

As of press time, the total market value of Double Coin Tire's parent company Huayi Group was approximately 14.24 billion yuan. The "Double Coin" and "Warrior" brands under Double Coin Group were founded in 1929 and 1935 respectively, and are the earliest tire brands in my country. "Double Coin" and "Warrior" tires combine imported technology with independent innovation, and have developed and manufactured many firsts in China's tire industry, nurturing and driving the development of China's tire industry.

The "Double Coin" and "Warrior" brands have also won honorary titles such as "Top Ten National Brands in China's Tire Industry", "China Famous Brand Product", "China Well-known Trademark", "Top Ten Most Valuable Shanghai Time-honored Trademarks", "China Time-honored Brand", "Shanghai Export Famous Brand", and "Shanghai Economic Business Card".

Since 2007, the international tire brand evaluation organization TIRE REVIEW BRANDS STUDY has included the Double Coin brand in its rankings(Double Coin is the only Chinese tire brand on the list).

Triangle Tire

As of press time, Triangle Tire's total market value was approximately RMB 13.1 billion. Founded in 1976, Triangle Tire is an excellent supplier of original equipment tires for internationally renowned automobile and engineering vehicle brands. The company has been listed in the "Top Ten Influential Brands in China's Tire Industry", "China Brand Power Index (C-BPI) Ranking" and "Top 500 Chinese Brand Values" for many consecutive years. In March 2013, it became one of the first national industrial brand cultivation pilot enterprises.

Since 2010, Triangle Tire has won awards in Caterpillar's supplier quality assessment program, and has won the highest award - the Platinum Award nine times. It has been awarded the title of "Excellent Supplier" by Sinotruk, FAW Group, Shaanxi Automobile Group, Foton Lovol, etc., as well as the Shandong Lingong Excellent Quality Award.

Guizhou Tire

As of press time, Guizhou Tire's total market value was approximately RMB 9.269 billion. Advance Tire is the brand of the full range of products of Guizhou Tire. It was registered as a trademark in March 1983, designated as a "Guizhou Famous Brand" product in January 2001, promoted as one of the "Top Ten National Tire Brands in China" in November 2003, and in September 2004, Advance brand all-steel radial tire won the title of "China Famous Brand", and in 2012 China Tire + Big Brand Selection, Advance brand was successfully shortlisted as one of the top ten brands.

In 2023, in the "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" released by the World Brand Lab, Guizhou Tire Advance brand ranked 297th with a value of RMB 31.295 billion, and its brand value increased by RMB 4.23 billion, further consolidating its position in the domestic market and successfully entering the international brand camp.

Wanli Tire

In 2023, Wanli Tire's revenue exceeded 6 billion yuan. Wanli Tire is an excellent manufacturing company under GIIHG. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, it has developed and designed more than 6,000 tire specifications. It is the largest radial tire manufacturer and one of the largest radial tire exporters in South China. Its products are exported to more than 150 countries and regions overseas, which shows its brand influence and competitiveness.

Wanli Tire has always been adhering to the spirit of "quality improvement, standards first". In order to keep improving product technology and quality, Wanli Tire Research Institute has made simultaneous layout of product standards and promoted the high-end product strategy of passenger car tires.

Aeolus Tire

As of press time, the total market value of Aeolus Tire was approximately RMB 9.258 billion. Aeolus Tire has a huge influence in the global market. It is a strategic supplier to domestic engineering machinery and vehicle manufacturing giants such as Liugong, and is also the main strategic tire supplier for Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, a world-renowned manufacturer of medium and heavy trucks.

Aeolus Tire products are sold in more than 140 countries and regions around the world. In overseas markets, especially in the high-end markets of many European and American countries, its product price levels and market share are among the top Chinese brands.

Doublestar Tire

As of press time, Qingdao Doublestar's total market value was approximately RMB 3.357 billion. Doublestar was founded in 1921. Before 2008, Doublestar's main business was shoes and clothing. In 2008, after the comprehensive restructuring of the footwear and apparel industry, it was separated from the group and Doublestar switched to the tire industry.

As a national brand in China, Doublestar Tire develops high-quality differentiated products by upgrading technology and adjusting product structure in line with the laws of tire development. In the 2023 "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" analysis report, Doublestar Tire ranked first among Chinese tire brands with a brand value of 86.872 billion yuan.

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