Tire factories are rising one after another

May 28,2024

Recently, the National Bureau of Statistics released China's rubber tire cover output in April 2024, and the overall output hit another good record at last year's high growth level.

In April, China's rubber tire cover production reached 89.449 million units, a year-on-year increase of 5.2%; From January to April, a total of 337.794 million rubber tire covers were produced, a year-on-year increase of 11.4%. It can be said that the prosperity of the tire industry has continued to be stable in the past two years, and domestic tires are generally improving.

However, the tire market is not all hot, with tire production in April rising and falling month-on-month. According to estimates, in April 2024, China's semi-steel tire output was 57.42 million units, a month-on-month increase of 0.14% and a year-on-year increase of 5.01%; China's all-steel tire output was 13.51 million units, down 5.79% month-on-month and 3.71% year-on-year.

Driven by strong market demand, a large number of new projects at home and abroad continued to advance during the month, and investment enthusiasm continued unabated.

Mexico's two major tire factories are progressing smoothly

On May 15, the groundbreaking ceremony for the semi-steel radial tire project with an annual output of 6 million units, a joint venture between Sailun Group and Tire Direct of Mexico, was held in Irapuato, Guanajuato, Mexico, marking the successful launch of the first Chinese-funded tire factory.

At the same time, Zhongce Rubber's Mexico factory also has new trends. On April 29, Mr. Manolo Jiménez Salinas, Governor of Coahuila in Mexico, who was on an inspection trip to China, had in-depth exchanges with Shen Jinrong, Chairman and General Manager of ZC Rubber, in Shanghai, and jointly officially announced ZC Rubber's investment in Mexico.

The ZC Rubber Mexico project is located in the Industrial Park of Saltillo City, Coahuila, adjacent to the factories of well-known car companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Stellantis, Ford, and Tesla. Once the project is completed, it will become the largest tire factory in Mexico, and its sales will radiate to the entire American market. In addition, it is understood that the construction of ZC Rubber's Indonesian factory has begun, and the Sailun Group's Indonesian factory project is also progressing as planned.

Gubersail Tire 10 billion project announced

In early April this year, the Ecological Environment Bureau of Huaian City, Jiangsu Province released an environmental impact report on all-steel and semi-steel tire production projects of Gubersail Tire (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

It is reported that Gubersail Tire plans to invest 10 billion yuan to build a project with an annual output of 30 million sets of high-end semi-steel radial tires and 3.5 million sets of all-steel radial tires. It will be constructed in two phases, with a total land area of 645,403 square meters.

The total capacity of this project is 3,700 people, of which the first phase project has a capacity of 1,400 people and the second phase project has a capacity of 2,300 people. The construction period of this project is expected to be 4 years.

Among them, the first phase construction period is 18 months to build 15 million sets of high-end semi-steel radial tires, and the second phase construction period is 30 months to build 15 million sets of high-end semi-steel radial tires and 3.5 million sets of all-steel radial tires.

Xinjiang's 2.6 billion tire project invites public investment

In mid-April, according to local government documents, the carbon-neutral industrial park project for the entire tire industry chain in Dushanzi District, Karamay City, Xinjiang attracted foreign investment. The project was expected to have a total investment of 2.6 billion yuan and cover an area of 190 acres.

Tianji Tire's 3.7 million sets expansion project rolled off the production line

On April 29, the first semi-steel radial tire of the 3.7 million sets expansion project of Henan Tianji Tire successfully rolled off the production line.

On the basis of its original all-steel tire products, the company has entered the field of green high-performance semi-steel radial tires to further improve the industrial chain layout.

Tianji Tire's development plan for the next three years shows that it will achieve TBR production capacity of 5 million sets and PCR production capacity of 20 million sets by 2027.

Chengshan Group's 1 billion off-highway tire project

On May 8, Chengshan Group revealed that this year the company has fully launched an off-highway tire project with a total investment of 1 billion yuan. After reaching full capacity, the annual off-highway tire production capacity will be 100,000 units and the industrial output value will be approximately 1.2 billion yuan.

In 2024, the Rongcheng Municipal Government of Shandong Province approved the establishment of a green tire intelligent manufacturing industrial park, including the off-highway tire project of Prinx Chengshan (Shandong) Tire Co., Ltd.

The park planning and development goals are: By 2030, fully complete the construction of infrastructure, equipment introduction, installation, production and supporting facilities, realize the development of large and giant engineering tires, agricultural radial tires and silent tires, and realize the mass production of key technologies.

Xinjiang's 1.1 billion tire project invites foreign investment

On May 7, the engineering heavy-duty tire production and manufacturing project in Dushanzi District, Karamay City, Xinjiang invited foreign investment.

According to reports, the project is expected to have a total investment of 1.1 billion yuan, covering an area of 230 acres, to build a heavy-duty tire manufacturing factory, production lines and supporting facilities, with an annual output of 1.5 million sets of commercial heavy-duty tires.

After the project is put into operation, it is expected to achieve annual sales revenue of approximately 1.26 billion yuan, profit of approximately 189 million yuan, and increase social employment by 400 people.

Henan self-sealing high-strength tire project signed

On May 20, Yilin Town, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province held a signing ceremony with Henan merchants on a self-sealing high-strength tire project with an investment of over 100 million yuan. The project plans to utilize 14,500 square meters of factory space and is scheduled to start construction in November this year.

The investment entity of this project covers an area of 80 acres in the main production base in Henan and is mainly engaged in the research and development and production of coated and punctured self-sealing high-strength tires. It has long been supplying products to police vehicle manufacturing companies such as Great Wall, Dongfeng, Volkswagen, and its products are exported to many countries and regions.

Huangpu Tire's 700 million tire project environmental impact assessment announcement

In early May 2024, the environmental impact assessment of Huangpu Tire Headquarters and Aviation Tire Industry Base projects was announced.

The project plans to invest approximately 702.35 million yuan and mainly produces civil aviation tires and special engineering tires. After the project is completed, it will produce approximately 150,000 tires annually, including 60,000 aviation and retread tires and 90,000 special engineering tires.

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