GS is working hard to catch up on orders

February 20,2024

On February 17, the spirit of the New Year has not yet dissipated. General Science (601500.SH) domestic and overseas production bases are busy. All positions have already been put into intense production and are working hard to catch up on orders, striving for a "good start" in the first quarter of 2024.

"Since the beginning of the year, the domestic economy has remained stable and the tire industry's prosperity has continued to rise. In the first quarter, our factory's order volume has been saturated, with a substantial year-on-year growth, and supply exceeds demand." At the delivery site, facing an endless stream of delivery vehicles, the person in charge of General Science said.

During the Spring Festival, in order to ensure market demand and deliver orders on time, GS's factories continued to work, production line employees stayed at their posts to "celebrate the New Year on the spot" and worked overtime to catch up on orders and rush production. On the sales side, as early as January this year, GS's marketing elites have gone to the front lines of various markets to carry out various activities in key markets. Good news came frequently on site, sales orders came in one after another, and continued to create impressive results, doubling sales, and getting off to a good start.

At the same time, GS's dual overseas bases have always maintained a good momentum of booming production and sales. Trucks filled with products in the factory are ready to set off and will soon arrive in the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions across the ocean. It is reported that the company's Thailand base continued to ship more than 500,000 semi-steel tires in January, and the Cambodia base exceeded 300,000 semi-steel tires, showing gratifying performance. In February, Thailand's daily semi-steel production exceeded 20,000 units, a record high.

According to industry insiders, entering the first quarter, the tire industry's prosperity continued to rise due to factors such as the apparent recovery of domestic economic activities and strong overseas demand. In 2023, GS's overseas dual bases have continued to make efforts, and tire production, sales and profitability have increased significantly. As the pace of the second phase of the dual-base project in Thailand and Cambodia accelerates, it will further help GS expand its production capacity and sales, and the development space is worth looking forward to.

The good start in the Year of the Dragon demonstrates the development potential and innovative spirit of General Science. General Science stated that it will actively continue the strong development momentum of the "good start", anchor the goal and continue to make efforts, based on the three major bases in China, Thailand and Cambodia, focus on "building three projects and exercising five abilities", repay users with high-quality products and services, and achieve new leaps!

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