Linglong off-highway tires have achieved new breakthroughs

February 06,2024

At 12:58 on January 31, 2024, the first 57-inch giant OTR tire independently developed by Linglong Tire rolled off the production line in 46/90R57 specification. The tire diameter of this specification can reach 3.6 meters, and the weight of a single tire is 3.6 tons. Suitable for rigid dump trucks with a load capacity of 220 tons.

This specification is the second specification of giant OTR tires launched by Jilin Linglong Tire after the 27.00R49 specification on January 10, marking the further completion of Linglong's giant OTR tire product series.

The first pattern of this specification is ROCK PRIMACY, which increases the depth of the pattern in order to improve the wear life. There are a variety of formulas available for different types of mines to choose from, which not only ensures wear life but also reduces tire heat generation.

It is reported that the off-highway tire project of Jilin Linglong Tire Co., Ltd. can produce 140,000 sets of off-highway tires annually, including 10,000 sets of engineering radial giant tires and 130,000 sets of small and medium-sized engineering radial tires.

Linglong Tire's continuous breakthroughs in the field of giant OTR tires benefit from its strong R&D capabilities and accurate grasp of market demand. Linglong Tire stated that it will continue to be committed to technological innovation and product upgrades in the future, setting a new benchmark for the global tire industry.


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