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Track shaping&curing press is mainly used for curing rubber track of agricultural vehicle, engineering vehicle, military vehicle, or snowmobile triangle rubber track, etc..

Technical support

1. Uniform pressure: Four-cylinder synchronous clamping, uniform mold pressure, stable machine frame.

2. Speed follows process requirements: Both the upper and lower heating plates (cylinders) speed and pressure can be set; Mould clamping cylinder speed and pressure can be set.

3. Automatic feeding: Track shaping&curing press is equipped with two layers of feeding and holding device, which is convenient for track moving in and out.The ball screw device can move the semi-finished rubber track in and the finished product out of the mold locking unit.

4. Intelligent synchronization: Left and right tension rolls in the automatic state of rising and falling speed (displacement) to maintain synchronization,also the lamping unit and tension device maintaining intelligent synchronization.

5. Smart control: Track shaping&curing press can realize the multiple parameters controlling, multiple performance controlling and inspecting, and automatic data-saving of the key parameters.

Technical parameters

Max. width of track450mm650mm915mm
Max. clamping force(T)280480650
Diameter of clamping cylinder250mm*4——400mm*4
Heating platen sizeUpper1300*500*701700*750*702100*1050*100
Distance between upper and middle heating platen550550Distance between heating platens: Max.950mm; Min.180mm
Distance between middle and lower heating platen550550
Mold opening/closing stoke of cylinder≧400≧400≧720
Mold quick opening/closing speed0~100mm/s(adjustable)0~100mm/s(adjustable)0~100mm/s(adjustable)
Mold slow opening/closing speed0~20mm/s(adjustable)0~20mm/s(adjustable)0~20mm/s(adjustable)
Min. height of mold closing150mm150mm180mm
Max.hydraulic system pressure21MPa21MPa21MPa

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