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Tire uniformity testing machine is suitable for fully automatic online detection of tire uniformity for all cars and light trucks with a diameter of 10"-25". Turning over or reversing the same tire and the consistency of measurement data between different machines reaches the international advanced level of similar products.

Technical support

1. Highly accurate and rigid spindle system ensures the uniformity measurement accuracy. The Swiss Klinberg precision universal cylindrical grinder owned by the company is used to process key components of the upper and lower spindle system for tire uniformity to ensure the high precision and reliability of the product.

2. Adopting Germany Rexroth high-precision digital hydraulic servo system and equipped with the U.S. MTS high-precision magnetic scale to realize the full closed-loop control and Improve the precision of tire bead stepless width adjustment to the micrometer level. Completely solve the ball screw force deformation and the influence of the lead error to ensure the uniformity of the measurement reproducibility and data authenticity.

3. The software algorithm of patented technology (software and hardware can be personalized according to user requirements) analyzes the mechanical model of each tire, high-speed and precise control of the load force loading. Ensures the measurement reproducibility of uniformity and data fidelity and significantly extends the life of the tungsten carbide coating on the load wheel. 

4. The patented laser centering detection system ensures accurate positioning of the tire on the rim and avoids tire compression. The loading accuracy of the load and the positioning accuracy of the tire bead width adjustment device benchmark against the international first-class brands.

Technical parameters

Machine capacity


Tire outer diameter

500 mm~1020 mm

Bead diameter


Bead width


Bead width adjustment range


Min. tire rolling radius

216 mm

Max. tire inflation pressure

0.55 Mpa

Painting layer width of load wheel

380 mm

Load wheel diameter

854.1 mm

Max. tire load

1800 kg

Max. tire weight

55 kg

Working cycle


Uniformity only

≤23 s

Uniformity + Run-out

≤26 s

Repeating accuracy


Load force fluctuation

σ average

value ≤1.0 kgt

Inflation fluctuation

σ average

value ≤0.7 kpa


σ average

value ≤0.25 kgf


σ average

value ≤0.025 mm

CON Absolutely value difference between 

positive and negative measuring

≤1.0 kgf

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