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Tire uniformity testing machine is used to provide the real basis for accurate judgment of tire performance, such as safe driving speed, riding comfort and handling stability of tires, etc.

Technical support

1.Rexroth hydraulic servo system with high precision drives automatic bead width adjustment device, adjustment range is 127mm (5″). 

2. The load wheel adopts high precision of digital magnetic grid ruler for full closed loop positioning. The loading force range can reach 1,800Kg, and the accuracy of load force (average value) can reach ± 1%.

3. The electric control adopts SIEMENS TIA fully integrated automation system and modular design to improve the real-time performance of the system and reduce the failure rate.

4.The equipment has perfect status monitoring and fault self-diagnosis system. The alarm prompt information guides the user to analyze the fault causes and maintenance methods in details. 

5.With the MES system or barcode recognition system,  realize automatically to select tire specifications and parameters, and conduct mixed loading measurement of various tire specifications (under the same rim specification condition).

Technical parameters

Applicalbe bead diameterDLF-SCB(12"-28")
Tire outer diameter500mm-1020mm
Bead width adjustment range5"(127mm)
Max.tire load1800kg
Max tire weight55kg
Tyre minimum rolling radius216mm
Tire inflation pressure0.55Mpa
Accuracy of load force(average value)±1%
Clycle timewithin 25 seconds
Repeat measuring accuracyRFV(CW),LFV(CW),CONStandard deviation σ average ≤0.25 kgf
CON absolute value difference between positive/negative measuring≤1.0 kgf
System repeat measuring accuracyLoad force variationStandard deviation σ average ≤1.0 kgf
Inflaction pressure variationStandard devidation σ average ≤0.7 kpa
Marking repeat accuracy≤±5 deg(when tire RF1H is over 4.4kgf ) ;
≤±10deg(when tire RF1H is between 2.2kgf-4.4kgf )

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