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Tire uniformity rectifier is mainly used for the correction of the tires whose uniformity is  not up to standard, in order to get the tire meet the qualified standards. The Tire uniformity rectifier corrects the tire quality without buffing, no damage on the tire surface, and the repaired tire has no any appearance defects such as indentation, etc..

Technical support

1. PID control the temperature automatically; three sites(A,B,C) for temperature test,ensuring the tolerance on top site of upper drum is ±2℃

2. Using the latest Mitsubishi Q series PLC with a higher accuracy, faster speed.

3. Various specifications of tire are showed on touch screen interface and can be called up at any time. Easier maintenance and trouble shooting.

Technical parameters

Tire specification16"-24"(One single equipment only supports tires with specific inner Dia.)
Applicable outer diameter500mm≤D≤1300mm
Applicable tire section width140mm≤B≤400mm
Qty.of tire loadingMax.4 pieces(Customized according to specifications)
Drum accuracyLevelness:<0.1

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