The first rubber track of Sailun Vietnam factory was successfully produced

December 22,2023

On December 20, the ceremony of the first rubber track successfully produced of Sailun Vietnam factory was held in Tay Ninh Province, Vietnam. Witnessed by leaders of the Group's centers, partners, and representatives of Vietnamese factory employees, the first rubber track was successfully produced in the phase III curing workshop of the factory.

Sailun Group has become the first Chinese tire company to have overseas manufacturing capabilities for a full range of PCR, TBR, OTR, GOTR and other tire products, as well as the production of rubber track products.

In May this year, Sailun Group quickly launched rubber track R&D and manufacturing business after conducting research on the rubber track market. The rubber track project took only more than 7 months from industry research, technology introduction, equipment ordering, team formation to production.

The first specification rubber track model is 450X86X58 MAXAM MT130, which is suitable for loaders. In terms of structural design, this type of rubber track has high strength and is applicable to loaders, excavators and other engineering machinery and various agricultural machinery, which can meet more complex road conditions. The pattern is a new "H" type pattern, which provides greater traction for the loader. The compound formula with more puncture resistance and cutting resistance is used to ensure the service life of the rubber track.

The first rubber track was successfully produced, starting a new journey for the Vietnam factory. Sailun Group will work hard in this field, continuously improve product quality and services, and provide a good rubber track for global customers.

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