Sentury Tire won the National Industrial Design Center

December 12,2023

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently announced the list of national industrial design centers. With its leading design innovation ability in the field of industrial design, Qingdao Sentury Tire Co., Ltd. was successfully awarded the honorary title of "National Industrial Design Center".

The highest level of domestic industrial design

The national industrial design center is an industrial design institution recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as an industrial design institution with strong industrial design innovation, outstanding performance, distinctive characteristics, and leading development. It represents the strongest innovation ability and the highest advanced level of industrial design in China, and is  is the highest recognition of the national industrial design center.

Sentury Tire has demonstrated its industrial design innovation capabilities with distinctive characteristics and outstanding performance in strict reviews at all levels, and its development level ranks among the top in the country. Standing out from participating companies in many fields across the country and finally winning this honor, it represents the design innovation ability and advanced level of my country's rubber tire industry, and also reflects the high recognition of Sentury Tire from all walks of life in terms of independent research and development, technological innovation, and talent building.

Sentury Tire, industry leader

Sentury Tire is a world-class tire manufacturer, and the industrial design level of the company's industrial design center is in a leading position in the industry. It has successively conquered 15 key technologies such as aviation tire manufacturing technology, ultra-low rolling resistance radial tire design, and high-quality synthetic rubber, and opened up technical routes for products such as aviation tires, radial tires, and special tires, and its technical level has reached the international advanced level.

It has a national industrial design center, a national enterprise technology center, Shandong Aviation Tire Engineering Research Center, and Shandong Aviation Tire Technology Innovation Center (the only provincial aviation tire technology innovation center in the industry); With the R&D philosophy of independent research and development, continuous innovation, technology leadership, and focusing on the future, it has strong innovation capabilities, and the number of new product R&D reaches 4,000-5,000 SKUs every year, forming a "production generation, R&D generation, storage generation, conception generation" product development strategy.

The company's industrial design center has a sound intellectual property application and protection system, and has obtained 317 authorized patents, including 120 domestic patents and 197 international patents; 19 inventions, 37 utility models, 259 designs, and 460 trademarks; it has three core independent brands.

The company's industrial design center has obtained a total of 69 basic scientific research achievements in the aviation tire industry and tire industry, all of which have been transformed and implemented; it has participated in the formulation of 35 national standards and 9 industry standards, guiding the healthy, orderly and rapid development of the industry.

In recent years, Sentury Industrial Design Center has achieved outstanding performance, and its designed products have achieved significant economic benefits, products have been sold in more than 150 countries and regions. In the next step, Sentury will rely on its national-level industrial design capabilities and advanced intelligent manufacturing technology to become a technology research and development highland, a digital intelligent manufacturing highland, an excellent product highland, and a green and zero-carbon highland for the global tire industry.

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