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Hydraulic curing press for PCR/TBR is focus on curing various high-end tires,the auxiliary time of the Hydraulic curing press for PCR/TBR is within 60 seconds.

Technical parameters

Number of moldpcs222
Inner diameter of curing chambermm122014001660
Max.mold closing forceKN190020003780
Heating method of mold
Heating platenHeating platenHeating platen
Structural style of center mechanism
Max.thickness of moldmm500560800
Min.thickness of moldmm250300450
Bead diameterinch13-18"/16-22"16-22"20-24.5"
Max.height of green tiremm500700700
Max. out diameter of green tiremm850/90012001200
Max.air pressure of PCIMpa0.60.60.6
Max.pressure of hydraulic systemMpa252525
Total power of hydraulic systemKW38.538.538.5

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