Congratulations to DLFTECH for approval

February 23,2022

Recently, the 24-60" OTR monowire bead winding line(Monowire bead bundle Machine) produced by DLFTECH for an internationally renowned tire company has successfully passed the customer's acceptance and won high praise from customers.

This tire bead winding production line is suitable for building bead bundles of different section profiles(Hexagonal and Pentagonal section,Bead base angle: 7°, 10°, 15°) from single coated wire.

Each layer is pressed tightly, without gaps, and the layers are arranged neatly, without warping or distortion.

In addition, DLFTECH has built a Zig-zag rubber cutting machine for customers, which is used to feed the extruder with a Z-shaped cut rubber sheet. This type of Zig-zag rubber cutting machine is rare in China. With excellent professionalism, the whole line and Zig-zag rubber cutting machine have been recognized and highly praised by customers.

Thanks to customers for their support to DLFTECH, DLFTECH will surely fulfill its mission, advance courageously, and reach new heights.