Bead winding line from DLFTECH

August 14,2023

Qingdao Delphy Technology Development Co., LTD. is a professional equipment sales&service company built by professional marketing and R&D team in the tire equipment industry. Oriented by the realization of zero distance between the production process and the intelligent equipment needed, Qingdao Delphy Technology Development Co., LTD. aims to permanently improve market competitiveness and bring new profit growth points for clients.

Recently, The bead winding line/bead bundle machine produced by Qingdao Delphy Technology Development Co., LTD. has been welcomed by the market and obtained the customers affirmation and high praise.

The Bead winding line is used to produce the bead in batch with one single wire for PCR, TBR, OTR, etc.. The bead bundle machine uses specialized coiled steel wire as raw material, and completes the production of bead through the process of let-off, decontamination, continuous heating, rubber coating, traction and storage, automatic wire arrangement and winding. After extrusion, the rubber coating of steel wire is uniform without copper exposure, rubber clotting or fins. The bead is built tightly and orderly.

The main feature of the bead winding line is that wire rubber coating is uniform without exposure.

The bead winding line has three highlights as follows:

1. Automation: The whole line is controlled by PLC, the online speed is controllable, the temperature is adjustable, the rubber coating is evenly applied and the online visual inspection is performed.

2. High precision: Diameter tolerance of steel wire after rubber coating is ±0.05mm

3. Customization: The production efficiency of each batch, the cross-sectional shape of the bead and the number of winding is customizable.


The bead winding line consists of Let-off, Preheater and insulation box, Extruder, Accumulator, Precaster, Winding station, Pay-on,

Chiller,Wire butt welder, Zig-zag cutter, TCU, etc..

lLet-off of Bead winding line

lPreheater and insulation box of Bead winding line

lExtruder of Bead winding line

lAccumulator of Bead winding line

lPrecaster of Bead winding line

lWinding station of Bead winding line

lPay-on of Bead winding line

lChiller of Bead winding line

lWire butt welder of Bead winding line

lZig-zag cutter of Bead winding line

lTCU of Bead winding line


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