Parts upgrading and technological tools

1、 Tire factory trolley series:Manufacture according to customer’s technology process and drawings. 

2、 Valve series: Various kinds of stainless valves

3、 Knife series:Cutters for each process


4、 Equipment parts upgrading series:

4.1  Automatic tread pick-up series

Tread Automatic Pick-up Technical Agreement

Video :  Automatic tread pick-up series

4.2  Automatic rubber mixing series

Automatic rubber mixing line mainly consists of internal mixer, open mill and batch-off line, which can realize automatic control of the whole production line: Automatic stock blending, automatic looping, automatic pulling apart, automatic conveying; automatic conveyor belt centeringand tension; automatic round trip of compound when mixing continuously; intelligent monitoring of rubber compound stacking to prevent the problem of roller being enclosed by rubber. The automatic rubber mixing line can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs because of its high automation level.

Automatic rubber mixing and conveying line

Video : Automatic rubber mixing series

4.3  Automatic synthetic rubber bag unpacking system

The machine is used for plastic bag unpacking of butadiene styrene and butadiene rubber (25 or 35KG) with the characteristics of high production efficiency (6-80 tons of plastic in 12 hours), friendly interface and easy operation.


Video : Automatic synthetic rubber bag unpacking system

4.4  Intelligent logistics series:

The machine can realize the full automatic control of sorting, warehousing and warehouse-out with advantages of high production efficiency, unmanned operation of whole line and traceability of  whole process of products.

Video : Intelligent logistics series