With a total investment of 3 billion, Guangrao Tire has undergone a major transformation

May 17,2024

Guangrao County is an internationally renowned tire capital. As economic development enters the new normal, it has faced the pain of transformation and development.

To this end, Guangrao County has accelerated the implementation of the conversion of old and new driving forces, supported enterprises in carrying out "reborn" technological equipment transformation, and gradually explored a high-end, intelligent, branded and large-scale sustainable development path.

According to Li Haipeng, director of the technical transformation office of Guangrao County Industry and Information Technology Bureau, a total of 49 technical transformation projects have been registered since 2023, with a total planned investment of 3.02 billion yuan, which has effectively promoted industrial upgrading, product replacement, and intelligent improvement.

It is understood that since 2024, many tire factories in Guangrao are speeding up their intelligent and digital transformation.

Shangwang Rubber: Digital energy saving improvement

At the site of the digital energy-saving improvement project of Shandong Shuangwang Rubber’s 6 million sets/year semi-steel radial tire production line, three brand-new building machines are lined up. With the roar of the machine, each green tire rolls off the production line from the building machine, ready for the next step of vulcanization.

"Three new single stage tire building machines and quintuplex production line were added, a new dual-purpose calender has been added and is being installed. The quintuplex production line has been successfully commissioned, and the three single stage tire building machines are already working normally." said Zhang Quangang, deputy general manager of Shandong Shuangwang Rubber.

The digital energy-saving improvement and renovation project of the 6 million sets/year semi-steel radial tire production line is a key project in the county, with a total investment of 50 million yuan. It will further improve the product quality of Shandong Shuangwang Rubber and realize the digital and intelligent upgrade of production and manufacturing. Over the years, the company has continuously increased investment in technological innovation, persisted in upgrading equipment, and continuously improved the company's comprehensive competitiveness.

Yongsheng Rubber: Total investment of 780 million to trade in old items for new ones

At the construction site of Shandong Yongsheng Rubber Group's artificial intelligence semi-steel high-performance green and environmentally friendly radial tire equipment transformation and upgrading project based on Internet of Things technology, the newly introduced automatic curing presses have been installed and are being debugged and put into production one by one.

With the support of intelligent technology, the daily production capacity of each curing press has reached more than 210 pieces. Yang Yang, director of the backend section of the PCR smart factory of Shandong Yongsheng Rubber Group said that in the past, the non-curing time of the traditional curing press was 120 seconds. After the improvement of the current new curing press, it can reach an average of 80 seconds, and the production performance has increased by more than 30%. In addition, the curing press adopts a full servo system, which can control the accuracy to 0.1 mm, which greatly improves the stability and quality of the product.

Based on the original semi-steel radial tire production project, Shandong Yongsheng Rubber Group has invested a total of 780 million yuan to implement the artificial intelligence-based semi-steel high-performance green and environmentally friendly radial tire equipment transformation and upgrading project based on Internet of Things technology. By renovating old factory buildings, eliminating old equipment, updating major equipment such as intelligent mixers and builing machines, and carrying out intelligent technological transformation of the production line to comprehensively improve production efficiency and product quality.

Wang Wenzheng, director of the equipment department of Yongsheng Rubber Group, said that the company has upgraded a total of 120 sets of equipment. At present, the mixing workshop is entering an intense and orderly installation process. The installation of semi-finished products, building and vulcanization has been completed and has entered the debugging stage. The first phase of the curing press project has been put into production one after another. It is expected that by October this year, the entire project will be put into operation, and the production capacity will reach 16,000 tires per day.

Huasheng Rubber: Whole process information management

On the fully automatic apex hot-application production line in the semi-finished material workshop of Huasheng Rubber Group, a robotic arm is automatically grabbing the produced beads. The application of this production line greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves production efficiency.

"If calculated based on the same time, it can equal the production volume of the original four hot-application equipment. After the entire project is completed, labor costs can be reduced by more than one million per year." said Wang Lulu, director of the Information Management Center of Huasheng Rubber Group.

In 2022, Based on the original project of producing 3.8 million sets of all-steel radial tires per year, Shandong Huasheng Rubber Group has implemented an intelligent information technology transformation project for the semi-finished product production line, using artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, information interactive integration and other means to improve production efficiency.

"In one year, the entire MES manufacturing execution system was successfully launched, realizing information management of the entire production process, controllable quality, and achieving effective advancement in the entire automation process." Wang Lulu said.

It can be seen that rubber tires, as one of the leading industries in Guangrao County, have developed from extensive low-end production to green and intelligent direction, targeting cutting-edge industry technologies and high-end products. Deeply implement the green system creation project, promote the green and low-carbon development of the industry, and comprehensively promote the transformation and upgrading of the rubber tire industry.

According to reports, in the first quarter of this year, Guangrao County achieved a total rubber tire industry output value of 10.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22%. In the next step, the county will make every effort to promote enterprises to implement intelligent and green technological transformation, further optimize the industrial structure, and promote industrial enterprises to become bigger and stronger.


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