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The DLF-BWL-SH3 production line is used for the winding and building of hexagonal or square cross-section beads.

Technical support

1. The cross-section shape and number of turns can be set on the touch screen at any time through the controller, and the entire line is automatically controlled by PLC.

2. The expansion of the winding chuck is driven by servo and can be automatically adjusted according to the set specifications.

3. Equipped with three sets of independent pre-casting devices to precast each steel wire to the required arc for the bead to be processed.

4. The winding device is equipped with four servo drive mechanisms to automatically complete the winding and equipment setting process to ensure the precise operation.

5. Machine fault self-diagnosis and the operator interface displays.

Technical parameters

Product specification model


Production bead specification


Bare wire diameter range


Max. number of steel wires in the winding width

10 strands(16mm)

Max. number of steel wires in the winding height

10 strands(16mm)

Winding head: radial expansion and contraction 


Inclination range of bead base

Max winding speed: max rotation speed

200m/min  120rpm

Storage of steel wire

More than 12m

Max. Mooney viscosity of the compound


Max. temperature of compound extrusion


Heating temperature

40~100℃ Adjustable (optional)

Max. weight of I-shaped wheel


Tension of steel wire


Production capacity

Winding 3 circles at the same time and the per shift output is more than 2,400 pieces.

Deviation of winding plate


Inner diameter deviation of bead after coating


Width deviation of bead after coating


Height deviation of bead after coating


Bead base width


Ovality of bead after coating


Inclination angle of bead base


Temperature control


Allowable overlap of joints


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