Green smart tires: Opportunities and challenges coexist!

April 02,2024

With the increasing awareness of global environmental protection and the rapid development of intelligent technology, green smart tires have become the focus of the rubber industry.

At the "Green Intelligence" theme forum of the 2024 China Rubber Conference held on March 28, tire manufacturers, equipment and material suppliers, industry experts and technical researchers from home and abroad gathered together to share and discuss the green and intelligent applications of new materials, new technologies and new equipment in tire manufacturing.

Philippe Oberti, deputy general manager and R&D director of Qingdao Sentury Tire Co., Ltd., shared the report "New materials make product performance better and more balanced". He said that the rapid transformation of the tire industry has been driven by technological progress, industrial development and social transformation. Tire manufacturers use innovation, sustainability and digitalization to stay competitive and meet the changing needs and preferences of consumers in a dynamic market environment. The application of new materials has improved tire performance, achieved better balance, and injected new vitality into the tire industry. He also expressed his confusion: Whether new materials can effectively respond to changing consumer demands and new environmental and safety regulations; how to address the industrial risks associated with the integration of new materials in tire design, such as safety, compatibility with manufacturing processes, durability, cost and other issues.

Nicola Fedele, Sales and R&D Director of Rodolfo Comerio S.N.C., gave a report titled "Innovative solutions for calendering equipment in the tire industry". He introduced 8 innovative products, the main advantages of these products are saving time, reducing labor, reducing costs, and ensuring safety.

Zhao Guoquan, tire rubber business sales director of Zeppelin Systems China (Beijing) Co., Ltd, shared SMART solutions for silos and conveyor systems at the green intelligence sub-forum. Zeplin SMART technology aims to provide customers with cost-effective and most suitable raw material storage and transportation solutions.

Song Pengfei, chief technical engineer of Jiangsu Jinhe Energy Technology Co., Ltd., gave a report titled "Application of heat storage technology in rubber production and other industrial fields." He pointed out that rubber companies are traditional energy consumers, and their production processes use a lot of heat. After the regenerative electric heating device (regenerative electric boiler) replaces the traditional coal-fired gas boiler, it can effectively solve the problems of high pollution, high energy consumption, and poor operating flexibility during heating, and significantly reduce operating costs.

Diao Guoliang, industrial Internet director of Tianjin Saixiang Technology Co., Ltd. and head of Saixiang Cloud Technology, gave a report on "Supporting the high-quality development of tire manufacturing with digital equipment native to the industrial Internet". He said that the rubber machinery industry has long suffered from a lack of data accumulation due to customized production. Facing fierce international competition, enterprises must transform from traditional project models to "product + service".

Ming Haitao, engineer of Shandong Jinyu Tire Group, gave a report titled "Energy big data management helps intelligent tire manufacturing and carbon reduction". He pointed out that by establishing an energy consumption monitoring platform, energy consumption can be visualized and informatized, thereby achieving energy conservation and efficiency, improving energy utilization, and helping companies reduce costs and risks.

Chen Xiaoyan, assistant to the president of Doublestar Group and general manager of Ecostar (Qingdao) Holdings Co., Ltd., shared the development and application process of high-value carbon black recovery from waste tire pyrolysis. Ecostar innovatively developed granulation technology for carbon black upgrading, through raw material guarantee, process guarantee, product consistency, information guarantee, and system guarantee, the high-quality and high-value recycling of cracked carbon black products is achieved.

Zhong Chongyi, Sustainable Development Director of North Asia Region of Bekaert Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., presided over this forum.


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