Tire giant invests heavily in PCR

March 15,2024

Recently, Bridgestone stated that it plans to invest 207 million euros to increase the production capacity of PCR tires at its Burgos plant in Spain, especially the production capacity of large-size tires of 18 inches and above.

Bridgestone will implement the project before 2030, increasing the production of 18-inch and above tires by 75%, reaching an annual production capacity of 7 million units, and increasing the factory's total production capacity by approximately 20%.

The investment will also make the Burgos plant one of Bridgestone's largest producers of van tires in Europe.

It is reported that investment will focus on three areas: automation to increase productivity; improvement of vulcanization ability; and build an automated high-bay warehouse to increase inventory capacity.

Additionally, with the introduction of BCMA (Bridgestone Common Modular Architecture), the company will also increase the agility of its production processes and ensure further streamlined efficiency.

While Bridgestone is accelerating the expansion of its PCR tire business, it is also reducing the proportion of its TBR tire business. According to the company's medium-term business plan (2024-2026), a major restructuring of the European TBR tire business and tire retreading business is planned.

In the field of production, Bridgestone intends to "adjust" production capacity by shortening the operating hours of three TBR tire plants in Europe. Among them, two plants in Spain have been determined to be affected.

In addition, Bridgestone also said it would "adjust personnel", most likely layoffs at its European TBR tire plants.

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