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Tire noise can be effectively reduced by evenly coating the inner wall of the laser-cleaned tire with glue and applying the silent sponge strip.

Technical support

1. Intelligence: Equipped with MES and barcode recognition system to automatically recognize the tire specifications. It calls the corresponding formula for automatic cleaning, gluing and sponge application of tire inner liner.

2. Precision: The sponge glue continuous coating system ensures uniform and stable coating quality with coating weight error of ± 3%. The automatic application system for pocket watch level space design ensures sponge application accuracy of ± 3mm (horizontal and vertical directions).

3. Safety: Equipped with machine peripheral protection, coating quality feedback, laser cleaning abnormal alarm, sponge application 3D detection, automatic scanning, automatic detection of sponge length, robot position detection and sponge track automatic detection system and other safety error correction capabilities.

4. Environmental protection: The laser cleaning station equipped with a separate set of smoke and dust removal devices,which are used to purify the smoke and dust generated during laser cleaning of the tire liner.

5. Customization: Each device can be customized according to different customer specialization to meet different needs.

Technical parameters





Total production capacity

1 tire/30~ 60 seconds, based on (235/55R18 standard)


Total weight of gluing

±3% (continuous dispensing system)


Sponge sticking accuracy

±3mm (horizontal and vertical directions)


Scale calibration cycle

3 months, calibration accuracy of 20g


Single piece sponge capacity



Automatic width adjustment of the track

130~190mm, automatic adjustment, switchable


Sponge width range

Cooperating with the track, sponge feed servicer with 3-5 widths are usually set up

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