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The inner liner of the finished tire is coated with a layer of polymer nanomaterial after laser cleaning, and the finished tire is self-sealed when being punctured.

Technical support

1. Automatic 3D sealant quality inspection. With MES and barcode recognition system, calling the responding recipe to automatically clean the inner liner of the tire and coat the sealant to ensure that each tire record is traceable. Weigh the tires after the self-sealing sealant is coated and upload the weighing data to the host computer. By comparing the weight before and after coating through MES to automatically determine whether the coated tire is qualified.

2. Automatic identification: Automatically identifies the location of the light spot by intelligent vision system and transfers the light spot information to the coating system. Control the sealant coating robot to increase the sealant weight at the tire light spot position to achieve the compensation effect of dynamic balance. Automatically detect the tire cross-section width data and upload it to the host computer. The tire loading and unloading robot automatically adjusts the tire grabbing position according to the instructions from the host computer.

3. Non-destructive cleaning: By controlling the luminous flux, wavelength and pulse length, the separant agent on the inner liner can be accurately removed without damage to the inner liner.

4. Self-own software: It can be set up individually according to user's needs so as to get a unique tire. The drafting unit of the "Evaluation of self-sealing performance for tyres coated with self-sealing material".

5. Laser engraving: Tires that have passed the inspection will be equipped with laser engraving function to meet the free customization of customer specifications and product names.

Technical parameters

An annual production line of 300,000 sets of self-sealing tires.

Coating station


Coating width


Coating thickness


Coating weight


Coating weight error


Coating position accuracy


Coating time


Max. working temperature of sealant melting machine


Compression ratio of sealant supply system


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