Tire giants come together: Strategic plans and goals for 2024

January 09,2024

With the end of the year approaching, major tire companies have held the annual dealer meeting. As the industry's heavyweight event, these meetings are not only a summary of the past year, but also the planning and outlook for future development. This year, Sailun Tire, Linglong Tire, Aeolus Tire, Prinx Chengshan, Wanli Tire, Double Coin Tire, Kenda Tire, CST and Guizhou Tire, as well as Kumho Tire, Pirelli, and other giants have held a meeting, and they revealed what information on the business performance in 2023, the development plan in 2024? And what new products have been released? Let's find out.

Aeolus Tire

On December 15, 2023, "Riding on the wind, the future is already here - 2024 Aeolus Tire Domestic Market Dealers' Annual Meeting" was grandly held in Chengdu, with more than 200 dealers and retailers of Aeolus's truck tires and construction machinery tires from all over the country gathered together. More than 200 distributors and retailers of Aeolus truck tires and construction machinery tires from China gathered together. Mr. Sun Ding, Deputy General Manager of China National Chemical Rubber Corporation (CNCRC), attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He said that the tire industry, as one of the eight core sectors of Sinochem, the company will continue to support the business of Aeolus tires, and hope to achieve win-win development with customers.

Zhang Ming, Deputy CCO of Aeolus Tire, made a report on the 2023 business review and 2024 business plan at the meeting. He pointed out that in 2023, Aeolus Tire adhered to the development strategy of winning with quality, taking the market, results, and problems as the guide, focusing on customer demand and market demand, and while the production and sales volume of truck tires have been greatly improved, construction machinery tires have also achieved counter-trend growth.In 2024, Aeolus will make comprehensive efforts in terms of branding, products, channels, and policies to ensure that the annual target is achieved.

In 2024, in the field of truck and bus tires, Aeolus will launch more new product solutions to meet customers' market demand. In the field of construction machinery tires, Aeolus will continue to deepen its efforts in the wide-body vehicle market and innovate in product massification, as well as expanding into new areas of special tires for non-loader categories.

Sailun Group

On December 16, 2023, the Sailun Group China Distributor Conference was held in Qingdao, where distributor partners from all over the country gathered to review the past and plan for the future.

Mr. Yuan Zhongxue, Honorary Chairman of Sailun Group, shared the development achievements of Sailun in recent years and its future strategic plan, and emphasized the importance of exploring international and domestic markets and enhancing global competitiveness. He said that Sailun will continue to give full play to the advantages of the industrial chain of the National Rubber Center, and join hands with the majority of distributors and partners to help the development of the rubber industry.

Xie Xiaohong, President of Sailun Group, delivered a keynote speech, focusing on the three aspects of manufacturing, products and brands. He said that Sailun will play the advantages of manufacturing intelligence and technological autonomy to provide more high-quality resources to support the market.

Chairman Liu Yanhua emphasized Sailun's business philosophy of long-termism, stating that in 2023, it will accelerate its transformation and build a foundation system around value creation and get closer to the market and customers. She looked forward to the vision of creating a golden future for the national brand with distributors and partners in 2024.

The conference presented awards such as "Special Contribution Award" and "Golden Star Award" to recognize dealers who have made outstanding contributions in product promotion and channel sinking.

Prinx Chengshan

On December 16, 2023, Prinx Chengshan held a commercial dealer meeting in Chongqing, releasing the new high-end commercial product lines "PRO Boutique Series" and "H Load Series", which attracted much attention.

Mr. Jiang Xizhou, Executive Vice President, delivered a speech, thanking his family and partners for their dedication and introducing the company's comprehensive upgrading in terms of process equipment, products, and services. Mr. Wang Yu summarized and shared the new trends, new ideas, and new ways of marketing environment, and said that we will continue to practice both products and services in the future, make progress steadily, keep the right and innovate, and join hands with our partners to create a new glory.

Two new commercial product lines released

The "PRO Series" is positioned at the high end, with 3 key technologies and 2 core technology upgrades as the core, aiming to become the "leader of high-end commercial tires". The first new products include engineering tires, such as XFENDER PRO, with a total of 8 patterns and 12 products.

The "H Load Series" is designed for the complex transportation environment in China, and utilizes two core technologies, "BWC - new bead nylon reinforcement technology" and "MT - Infinite Crown Wrap Technology". Using the two core technologies of "BWC-New Bead Nylon Enhancement Technology" and "MT-Infinite Crown Wrap Technology", the product has made multi-dimensional performance enhancement, which will bring drivers a higher quality experience.

Focusing on the development of "product + service", based on the large domestic commercial service network, "PRO Boutique Series" and "H Load Series" will provide users with systematic pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services, Based on the large domestic commercial service network, "PRO Boutique Series" and "H Load Series" will provide users with systematic pre-sales, sales and after-sales service, 4-year product quality guarantee, 7*24 hours service response, and installation network covering more than 300 cities. In the future, we will further open up the chain, accelerate the digital transformation and upgrading, create a communication matrix to help channels, and help partners to improve efficiency and realize income.

Over the past 47 years, relying on the National Certification Technology Innovation Center, Prinx Chengshan has built a green tire life cycle management, tire parametric design simulation platform, and has obtained more than 300 patents, and participated in the formulation of more than 20 national industry standards. The listing of high-end "PRO Boutique Series" and "H Load Series" products is an important initiative of Prinx Chengshan to upgrade its products and brand in the commercial field, and will continue to lead the upgrading of domestic commercial tires by virtue of continuous innovation and help domestic commercial tires to seize the high-end market. It will continue to lead the upgrading of domestic commercial tires and help domestic commercial tires seize the high-end market by virtue of continuous innovation, interpreting the value promise of Chengshan Tire: in the new era belonging to China, we will always go forward together with those who struggle.

Double Coin Group

On December 18, 2023, Double Coin Group held a passenger car tire dealer meeting in Wuhu, Anhui Province, reviewing the performance in 2023 and announcing the plan and new product performance in 2024.

In 2023, Double Coin Group achieved continuous growth under the business policy of "one center, two controlled, three key points", and all five subsidiaries exceeded the annual tasks. 2024 will continue to put products in the first place, ask the market for advice, and continue to write the glory of the century-old brand with our dealers and partners.

In 2023, Double Coin Group will launch a number of new products, including deep-sea and deep-space series, EV series, snow tire series, etc., and expand a number of OE packages. 2024, we plan to expand production capacity while plowing channels, and coexist and co-prosperity with the market.

The meeting officially released two new energy tires of Double Coin and Hui Li - Double Coin DC-780 EV and Hui Li R700 EV, which are specially designed for the long mileage demand of new energy cabs, net car and other operating vehicles market, adopting new formulas, such as excellent abrasion-resistant rubber and high-performance carbon black, as well as special long-lasting antioxidant, to make the wear mileage longer. formulas for longer wear mileage.

The meeting also awarded several prizes to the outstanding distributors of 2023, and a divisional symposium was held in the afternoon of the same day.

Double Coin Group will continue to adhere to the customer-centric marketing approach, take the road of "two-legged" development, accelerate the construction of the second phase of the project as a key to further increase investment in passenger car tires, accelerate the transformation and intelligent upgrading of equipment, and expand the scale of the plant capacity. We will further take the double money e-marketing 2.0 version as a platform to strengthen the digital empowerment of the marketing side. We will continue to give full play to the three advantages of brand, layout and channel to build the No. 1 brand of passenger car tires in China, and make Wuhu base the most competitive single-unit factory in the industry.

On December 27th, Double Coin Group's 2024 Truck and Bus Tire Dealers' Meeting was held in Rugao, Jiangsu Province, where the factory is located. Nearly 300 dealers from all over the country gathered to review the sales work in 2023 and look forward to the new journey in 2024.

Kenda Tire

On December 18th, 2023, the 2023 Kenda PCR Tire National Distributors Meeting was grandly held in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province. Kenda Group President Yang Yinming, Chairman Yang Qiren and other senior leaders and representatives of dealers from all over the country gathered together to review the brilliant achievements of 2023 and look forward to the development blueprint of 2024.

At the beginning of the meeting, Lin Jianliang, General Manager of Kenda Tire Kunshan Plant, delivered a warm welcome speech, followed by a speech from Yang Qiren, Chairman of Kenda Group. The sales performance report session was hosted by Mr. Xiong Guoqiang, Vice Manager. He introduced in detail the market conditions of passenger cars, new energy vehicle retail sales and car ownership in 2023, and analyzed the development of Kenda Tire's performance this year, taking into account the data of distributors' orders in each region. He expects that on the basis of this year's growth rate, next year's performance will reach a new high.

Under the guidance of the concept of product first and quality leading in the future, Manager Berlin made a special report on the R&D of KR616EV tires. He not only popularized the current situation of the development of new energy vehicles and the technical characteristics of electric vehicle tires, but also introduced the technical route of electric vehicle tires developed by Kenda and the progress of product development. He said that the concept of JD Tire based on global vision and strong R&D strength boosted the confidence of the participants.

Wanli Tire

On December 20, 2023, Wanli Tire 2024 Dealer Conference was held in Foshan, Guangdong Province. The conference gathered more than 320 participants from home and abroad to discuss the future development plan of the tire industry. The conference focused on the development trend of the tire industry under the new situation, witnessed the phased development results and new R&D achievements of Wanli Tire brand, jointly planned for the future high-quality development and new scene breakthroughs in the integration of production and sales, and looked forward to the prosperous development of the national brand tire industry.

Jing Guangjun, Party Secretary and Chairman of Guangzhou Industrial Control, delivered an important speech at the meeting. He said, Guangzhou Industrial Control actively implement the municipal government's strategy of "industry first, manufacturing city", and is committed to building a world-class innovation-driven industrial group. As one of the important enterprises of Guangzhou Industrial Control, Wanli Tire has overcome difficulties in recent years and achieved rapid development of brand capacity, industrial influence and innovation capacity through reform and innovation. Chairman Jing Guangjun also mentioned that Guangzhou Industrial Control will integrate the resources of industrial chain, capital chain and innovation chain to promote the development of Guangdong auto parts industry chain. He will fully support the development and growth of Wanli Tire, help the rapid development of domestic new energy automobile industry, and promote the brand marketing of Wanli to reach a higher level in the world.

In his speech, the chairman of Wanli Tire reviewed the achievements made in 2023. He said that with the joint efforts of all employees, Wanli Tire achieved double-digit growth in both sales and operating income. Among them, operating income increased by 16% year-on-year, sales volume increased by 20% year-on-year, overseas sales volume increased by 22% year-on-year, and domestic sales volume increased by 17% year-on-year. These achievements could not have been achieved without the joint efforts of the Wanli family. In the future, Wanli Tire will continue to adhere to the customer culture of "manufacturer's family", deepen the business philosophy of "customer first, service by heart", sink channels and terminals, innovate business mechanism, accelerate the high-quality development of tire business, and strive to achieve the "14th Five-Year Plan". The "14th Five-Year Plan" 10 billion tires business.

Looking ahead, Wanli Tire said that it will continue to adhere to the dual-chain strategy of "product development chain + technological innovation chain", and continue to develop new products to fill the gaps in the market. In order to promote the transformation and upgrading of the traditional manufacturing industry, Wanli Tire is committed to building an intelligent manufacturing park that is "intelligent, efficient, green and safe", and setting up a new benchmark of "intelligent creation". At the same time, Wanli is committed to combining the brand and consumers closely, empowering dealers through integrated marketing, and building a cooperative community of destiny. In order to solve the current problem of oversupply, Wanli plans to build factories overseas and expand the production capacity of all-steel tires in Hefei.

In terms of products, Wanli Tire released six new products. Among them, SU306ULTRA Supreme Edition 23-inch product is the first high-end new product launched by Wanli Tire. The product adopts Obsidian Black Velvet technology, and the whole series is equipped with quiet cotton as standard, which fills the blank of Wanli's 23-inch lunch tire products. Up to now, Wanli Tire has become one of the few domestic enterprises with 23-inch products, bringing better choices to consumers.

In addition, the meeting also honored the dealers and partners who achieved excellent results in 2023, thanking them for their outstanding contributions in the past year. At the same time, representatives of outstanding dealers were invited to share successful business cases and discuss in depth the experience and lessons learned in channel development and service upgrading under the new situation.

For Wanli Tire, 2024 is a year full of hope and opportunities. Through the joint efforts with dealers and partners, Wanli Tire will continue to promote the high-quality development of the brand, expand market share and enhance industrial influence. In the future market competition, Wanli Tire will continue to adhere to the road of innovation and development, and is committed to providing consumers with better quality products and services to become one of the leading companies in the tire industry.

Maxxis Tire

On December 21, 2023, Maxxis Tire successfully held the 30th Anniversary Celebration and 2024 National Distributor Meeting at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province. The theme of the meeting was "Thirty Years of Togetherness, Working Together for the Future", aiming at reviewing the past 30 years and looking forward to the future development.

CST Group leaders such as Vice Chairman Mr. Luo Cairen and General Manager Mr. Li Jinchang, as well as representatives of excellent distributors from all over the country gathered together to celebrate this important moment.

At the beginning of the meeting, the senior leaders of CST Group warmly welcomed the dealers and jointly reviewed the 30-year glorious history of Maxxis Tires. With the business philosophy of "quality as the foundation, innovation as the soul", Maxxis Tire has won a good reputation in the market for its excellent quality.

In the commendation session, Maxxis Tire awarded honorary certificates to dealers with outstanding performance. These honors are not only the recognition and encouragement to the outstanding dealers, but also the incentive and affirmation to the whole Maxxis Tire team.

In addition, a series of innovative products for 2024 were released. These new products fully integrate advanced technology and design concepts in the development process, and strive to meet consumers' higher demand for tire performance, safety and comfort.

Among them, the VICTRA SPORT EV is the latest EV new energy product launched by Maxxis Tires, featuring a closed shoulder design and sound-absorbing cotton mute technology, which greatly improves driving comfort. At the same time, this tire adopts the new generation of electric compounds, with "more energy-saving" characteristics, and rolling resistance optimization of up to 20%.

In addition, the new product of RAZR family series, AT811, adopts enhanced off-road tread design, featuring all-road traction, longer mileage, sidewall protection, and high ride comfort, which enables off-road players to enjoy the fun of conquering uncharted territories.

At the end of the meeting, Maxxis Tire said that it will continue to strengthen close cooperation with dealers, and work together to meet market challenges and seize development opportunities. In the new journey, Maxxis Tire will continue to work together with dealers to seek development plans and write a more brilliant future chapter!

Linglong Tire

On December 22, 2023, the annual meeting of Linglong passenger tire dealers was successfully held in beautiful Sanya. With the theme of "Harmony, Coexistence, Co-prosperity", the annual meeting gathered excellent dealers from all over the country to discuss the market opportunities and development strategies under the new situation.

At the beginning of the meeting, Yu Hang, vice president of Linglong Tire, delivered a passionate opening speech, expressing his heartfelt thanks to the dealers and partners for their continuous support and efforts. He said, in the environment of increasingly fierce market competition, Linglong Tire can achieve today's results, inseparable from the joint efforts and close cooperation of dealers.

Mr. Yu reviewed the brilliant achievements of Linglong Tire in 2023, especially the breakthroughs in market structure adjustment, product system construction, and the development of medium and high-end market. He emphasized that Linglong Tire will continue to unswervingly promote innovation and development, and continuously improve product quality and brand influence.

During the meeting, Linglong Global Marketing Center team introduced to the dealers the market development trend and the company's sales strategy in 2024 in detail. They pointed out that with the constant changes in the automotive market and the upgrading of consumer demand, Linglong Tire needs to keep pace with the times and continue to innovate to meet the needs of customers.

In order to better serve dealers and customers, Linglong Tire also launched the new "New Linglong Master Series" products. This product is the result of Linglong team's research and development for many years and rigorous testing in multiple road conditions, aiming to provide users with the ultimate driving experience and safety protection. The new Linglong Master Series will focus on the middle and high-end market, highlighting the performance advantages of sports handling, noise reduction and comfort to meet the personalized needs of car owners.

In addition, several successful dealer representatives were invited to share their successful experiences and market insights. The sharing of these guests provided valuable insights and references for the dealers present, and inspired their confidence to continue to innovate and scale new heights in the future market competition.

Finally, in order to recognize the outstanding performance of the excellent dealers in the past year, Linglong Tire presented a number of awards, including Core Strategic Partner Award, Challenge Elite Award, and Medium and High-end Product Promotion Growth Award. These awards not only affirm the dealers' performance, but also recognize their efforts and dedication.

Guizhou Tire

On December 24, 2023, with the theme of "New Leap Forward, New Beginning, New Height", the sales meeting of Guizhou Tire Company Limited in 2024 was grandly held in Chengdu.

More than 500 core customers from all over the country, including host manufacturers, group customers and distributor partners, gathered together to discuss the development opportunities and challenges of Guizhou Tire in 2024. The meeting had a rich agenda, including opening speech, keynote speech, domestic sales work report, partner representatives' speeches, annual advanced commendation, replacement market sub-section, OTR market sub-section, agricultural tire market sub-section, and industrial tire market sub-section.

In his keynote speech, Huang Gege, secretary of the company's party committee and chairman of the board of directors, made an in-depth analysis of Guizhou Tire's operation in 2023, opportunities and challenges in 2024, Guizhou Tire's countermeasures in 2024 and Guizhou Tire's future development in four dimensions. He emphasized that Guizhou Tire will positively face new development opportunities, focus on product structure adjustment, quality and cost reduction and improved service level, steadily accelerate the construction of overseas production bases, and continuously improve service level to achieve the three major goals of accurate sales, timely delivery and attentive service. Combined with the changes in the current market environment, Mr. Huang Gege, Chairman of the Board of Directors, also made a prediction of the domestic and international tire market in 2024.

Mr. Wang Kun, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager of the company, made an opening speech, proposing that the market goal of Guizhou Tire in 2024 is to achieve sustained growth in sales revenue, sustained improvement in sales efficiency, sustained win-win situation with dealers, OEMs and partners, and to create greater value for users. He emphasized that we should continue to play the role of "locomotive" and "ballast" of sales in the company's production and operation, apply the ideas of lean service and lean sales, continue to strengthen the channel construction, brand construction and service capacity building, and carry out professional integration of existing products. On the basis of strengthening the fist product, the company will implement the green product development strategy to enhance the competitiveness of products and brand influence.

Zhou Zhijun, a member of the company's party committee and deputy general manager, made a report on domestic sales, summarizing the development of Guizhou Tire in 2023 from various aspects and making specific deployment of work objectives and measures in 2024. He pointed out that in 2024, Guizhou Tire will rely on scientific and technological innovation to focus on building new benchmark products in each segment of the channel market, and provide customers with better products and services by launching a variety of new products, improving the profitability of the market channels, and increasing the production capacity of all-steel heavy-duty truck tires and other measures.

During the meeting, Guizhou Tire also displayed new products of different market segments such as TBR, OTR, agricultural tires and industrial tires.

Among them, Guizhou Tire's TBR products showed the new Green Series tires, which focus on "high mileage, high comfort and low heat generation", the EV Series tires, which are "high safety, high comfort, high mileage and low energy consumption", and the tires, which are "ultra-safe, ultra-wear-resistant and ultra-fuel-efficient". super safe, super wear-resistant and super fuel-efficient".

These new products fully demonstrated the technical strength and market competitiveness of Guizhou Tire and attracted the attention of many partners. Through this meeting, Guizhou Tire and channel partners not only shared the achievements and shortcomings in 2023, but more importantly further reached a consensus on the market development and cooperation intention in 2024.

The complete success of this sales work conference has laid a solid foundation for Guizhou Tire to achieve higher sales performance and market share in the new year.

Kumho Tire

The recent Kumho Tire USA dealer meeting in the U.S. Virgin Islands was notable for the company's new results. President and CEO Nam Hwa (Edmund) Cho and President of Sales and Marketing Shawn Denlein shared the accomplishment. Despite a 1% decline in the overall market in 2023, Kumho Tire America bucked the trend, increasing its total sales by 15% year-over-year through October.

This growth is due to the unwavering support and trust of our dealers.Cho said, "We are grateful for the continued support of our dealers, who have been key to this achievement." The company achieved significant double-digit growth even against the backdrop of overall weak market demand.

Denlein revealed detailed figures on the company's sales. He noted that from the beginning of the year through April, the company's monthly growth rate remained in the single digits, but by July, it jumped to double digits. He also said he expects the company's total annual sales to increase by about 1 million tires by the end of 2023. "Our year-over-year growth continues to exceed expectations, which is great news for the company." Denlein said.

Denlein also talked about the company's capacity growth. Since mid-2022, the company has increased its annual tire production capacity from 55-57 million to 62-63 million tires, mainly due to capacity expansion at its Vietnam plant. In addition, Kumho Tire plans to set up a "smart factory" in South Korea in 2025 focusing on tires for electric vehicles and high-end original equipment, while Kumho Tire also plans to set up a new plant in Europe in the near future.

Kumho Tire currently employs more than 9,000 people worldwide and has a distribution network in 180 countries and regions. The company has five R&D centers and is headquartered in South Korea. Although the company is headquartered in Korea, most of the products developed for the North American market are manufactured and guided by the R&D center in Akron, Ohio.

Denlein spoke about how the company's profit growth has been fueled by four key areas of investment: quality products, brand strategy, logistics and profitability. He likened it to, "Our strategy is like sitting in a four-legged chair, where each leg is equally important." He emphasized the importance of brand strategy and noted the critical role of logistics in the current environment. He also mentioned that as a for-profit company, Kumho Tire America reinvests in the profitability of its dealers. "Retailers wouldn't choose us if we weren't profitable." He concluded.


Recently, Pirelli Truck & Bus Tire held its 2024 Annual Distributor Meeting in Chengdu with the theme of "The Road is as Strong as Iron, and Today's Steps are From the Top". Pirelli Truck & Bus Tire dealers from all over China gathered together to discuss the cooperation and development of Pirelli Truck & Bus Tire in 2024.

The meeting fully demonstrated that, against the background of many international brands contracting their business in China or even withdrawing from the Chinese market, Pirelli Truck & Bus Tire is still firmly committed to the development of the Chinese market and continues to create value for its customers in China.

Pirelli Truck & Bus Tire is a brand of Prometeon Tyre Group (hereinafter referred to as PTG), a company focusing on industrial tires, aiming to ensure its autonomous growth and independent development strategy. Its controlling shareholder is China National Chemical & Rubber Corporation, and Fengshen Tire also holds a 10% stake in it.

During the meeting, Mr. Mirko Bordiga, CEO of PTG Asia Pacific, introduced PTG and the company's development strategy. He emphasized PTG's product innovation, process and material development capabilities, which are a core part of its growth strategy. He also said that the Asia Pacific region is a very promising market for PTG and that it will continue to invest more in its products, people, and markets to support the rapid growth of its business in the Asia Pacific region.

In addition, Mr. Yao Hui, General Manager of PTG China, introduced the business review of Pirelli Truck & Bus Tire China market in 2023 and business strategy in 2024. He said that in 2023, PTG insisted on deep cultivation of the Chinese market and achieved promising results. In 2024, PTG will continue to pinpoint the target market segments and make simultaneous efforts in the three business segments of distribution network, group customers and OEM support to ensure the realization of the business plan and medium-term strategic objectives for 2024.

Meanwhile, Andrea Scatamacchia, Global Product Manager of PTG, introduced Pirelli's product strategy in China and new product planning for 2024. He said that PTG has developed the new 88EVO series of products for the Chinese market based on a thorough research of the Chinese market and with the help of the R&D team from the headquarters in Milan. This series of products has realized a comprehensive breakthrough in safety, wear resistance and durability, and fuel efficiency. 11 new products have been launched in 2023, and more new products will be put into the market in 2024 and 2025.

In addition, Mr. Dario Gotti, PTG's Global Quality Director, introduced PTG's quality system and the situation related to the quality control of the Chinese factory. He said that through Fengshen Tire Jiaozuo production base's continuous investment in equipment manufacturing and personnel management over the past 5 years, the quality management system of PTG Global has been fully implemented, and now it has reached the unified production standard of PTG's 4 factories around the world, which ensures the quality of Pirelli's products.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Wang Jianjun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of China National Chemical Rubber Corporation, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Fengshen Tire Co. He used the story of "water finances the car, while drought finances the boat" to motivate the team that in the Chinese market, where challenges and opportunities coexist, it is necessary to use breakthrough ideas, research the market in a down-to-earth manner, formulate a pragmatic business plan, do not avoid problems, and move forward in the face of difficulties, so as to make the brand of Pirelli's truck tires in the Chinese market bigger and stronger, and create value for the customers.

The annual meeting of the distributors not only strengthened the communication and cooperation between Pirelli Truck & Bus Tire and its partners, but also pointed out the direction for the company's development in the coming year. We believe that with the joint efforts of all the participants, Pirelli Truck & Bus Tire will usher in a more brilliant future.

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