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Wide rubber sheet extrusion line is mainly used for extrusion of high-quality wide rubber sheet, especially suitable for rubber conveyor belt making.

Technical support

1. A set of pressure and temperature sensors are installed on the lower mold body of the extruder head to detect the temperature and pressure of the rubber material in the inner cavity of the head. When the working pressure reaches the set pressure, the system will alarm and realize the shutdown protection of the extruder.

2. The wide extruder head is made of  45#  integral steel plate, and the S-shaped circulating water channel is drilled in the middle for forced circulation. It is equipped with an automatic temperature controller, which automatically heat and cool under constant temperature control according to the process  setting temperature requirements.

3. The whole line control adopts PLC setting and dynamic following control method, and there is a speed synchronization mechanism between the machines, which can realize synchronous speed regulation with tension free.

Technical parameters

Max. product width600mm1200mm14001900mm2800 mm
Sheet thickness0.3~8mm0.3~8mm0.3~10mm0.5~8mm0.8~10mm
Extruder configurationXJD-150X16DXJD-150X16DXJD-200X16DXJD-250X16DGE250/GE250
Extruder power200KW200KW355KW450KW450KW×2
Calender specificationφ360×800φ450×1400φ550×1600φ710×2200φ820×3000
Calender power22KW(DC)×230KW(DC)×245KW(DC)×275KW(DC)X2
Linear speed of production line(m/min)1.2~12m/min2.5~25m/min3~30m/min3~16m/min

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