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Tire section cutting machine adopts special cutting wires to get a section piece at one time. Tire section cutting machine is applicable for finished Bias/PCR/TBR tires.

Technical support

1. The steel cutting wire is processed by a special process to achieve a double-sided toothless cut with smooth and clear cutting surface.

2. Equipped with integrated dust removal system and spray system to ensure safety and reliability.

3. Adopt Mitsubishi PLC control for high degree of automation.

Technical parameters


1Tire cutting range

Tire outer diameter(mm)600~15001500~4200

Tire section width(mm)135~450650~1800

Bead range of applicable tires15"~24.5"24"~60"

Bead thickness(Max.)40mm225

Tire section height(Max.)440mm1200

Tire weight≤200kg≤700kg
2Cutting data

Cutting feeding speed(mm/min)0~150mm/min3~40

Fast forward and backward speed(Max.)300600

Width of the cutting sample
Double toothless wire saw cutting

Working air pressure(MPa)0.6~0.80.6~0.8


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