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Solid tire curing press is used for molding, manufacturing various kinds of solid tire for engineering vehicles. The auxiliary process for solid tire curing of the Solid tire curing press is fully automatic.

Technical parameters

Nominal closing force(Ton)60080080010001400
Heating Platen Size(mm)1600X1600X751600X1600X751700X1700X951200X1200X952000X2000X100
Heating platen distance(mm)55055011005501150
Piston Stroke(mm)11001100750750750
Mold Closing Speed(mm/s)≥10≥20≥20≥15Adjustable
Mold Opening Speed(mm/s)≥10≥20≥20≥15Adjustable
Hydraulic System Pressure (Mpa)2018.52017.618
Cylinder Diameter(mm)φ650φ750φ360φ850φ1000
Cyinder No.(Pcs)31411
Motor Power(KW)11.51518.51118.5

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