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Wide rubber sheet extrusion production line

Application: It is mainly used for continuous extrusion production of all kinds of thin rubber sheets, such as air impervious liner of radial tire, bias tire’s inner liner , buffer layer and isolation layer, waterproofing materials, anti-corrosion lining and conveyor belt cover extrusion. 

Compact extruded rubber sheet: The sheet extruded by the production line has good plasticizing effect and good air tightness, completely eliminating the defect such as poor airtightness due to the blister that generated from rubber sheets heaping and then becoming difficult to discharge air in process of calendering.

Stable quality: The design of the runner is scientific and reasonable, ensuring uniform and stable size of the extruded product.

1.Hydraulic head: The lower die of the machine head is fixed mold, which is directly connected to the extruder. The upper die of the machine head is a dynamic mold, which can be flipped open and closed. The turning action of the head is completed by a hydraulic cylinder. The locking of the upper and lower molds of the machine head is completed by hydraulic pressure. The upper and lower molds of the machine head are equipped with embedded runner plates. The surface is polished and has a replaceable runner blocks to produce rubber sheets of different widths and to adapt to the production characteristics of small batches and multiple varieties of rubber sheets.

2.Superior thickness uniformity: thickness tolerance of rubber sheet:±0.1mm.

3.Precise temperature control: Temperature control accuracy: ±2℃; 6 sets of temperature control unit are fitted to the extruder , 2 sets for pin barrel, 1 set for extruder barrel, 2 sets for head and 1 set for screws.

4.HMI: Implement terminal operation with the programmable controller and HMI.

Maximum width of extruded product
Thickness of extruded product
Extruding linear velocity
Machine size