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Bead apexing production line

It is used for the apex production and applying an apex to a bead.

High quality of apex extrusion:Apex is with a uniform shape and no torn edges

Precise application:The effect of applying is orderly and compact,which have no defects like deflection distortion, and the joint is stable and no overlap.

Convenient to changing specifications:Automatic Cun counting regulation system makes it is precisely and easily changing to others specifications by way of pressing a button only.

1.High precision of temperature control:±1.5℃

2.Orderly application:The whole process of cutting is completed by two steps through the double angle cutter adjusting its angle, giving the tension compensation to outer circle of the bead because of the tensile stress caused in process of application. 

3.Precise adjustment of the apex length: Rotating System is driven by servo motor; apex length needed for one bead is controlled by photoelectric sensor and servo motor, and its length setting or fine tuning is available through a touch screen.

4.High quality of application:Installed with 8 powered fixators on chuck plate for holding, 3 kits of cylinder for alignment, and cutters that angle and distance are adjustable, making the application between apex and bead becomes more compact.

5.High configuration:PLC from Mitsubishi ensures a coordinating control for the whole process; extruder is adopted with DC driver of 6RA70 from SIEMENS; main pneumatic component is from FESTO.

Applicable specification
12〞~17〞 17〞~22〞
Section of the bead
Cross-sectional dimension
Width of the bead
Height of the apex
15~ 55mm
Thickness of the apex core
Angle of the apex core
Splice type of the joint
lapping (semi-automatic)