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Vulcanizing Press DLF-400*400*2/D

Application: Mainly used for vulcanization of rubber and plastic materials for laboratory production of standard samples.

1.Stable quality: Precise temperature control, setting up automatic pressure compensation device.
2.Modular design for pipeline makes it’s easy to get repaired.
3.Fully automatic: High integration and good reliability based on PLC automatic control.

1.Design for safety:A variety of safety protection design and warning signs are set,such as installing an emergency stop button in a prominent place on the panel and a protective cover for the heating plate.
2.BTC(Balanced temperature control system): It adopts balanced temperature control system, controlling SSPR in way of P.I.D, to guarantee the heat added to the system is equal to the heat lost.
3. High precision pressure control: P.I.D controls the voltage of proportional pressure flow valve to accurately adjust the test pressure and speed of pressure boosting, avoiding an excessive pressure; it adopts one-way valve to control pressure holding, and high precision pressure sensor for pressure measurement, which is fully automatic control.
4.Heating system with four-layer heating plate: The intermediate heating plate is separated by top-level heat insulation material, ensuring a more uniform temperature and a stable heat dissipation.

Hydraulic pressure
10MP (Can be set freely in the range)
The unit surface pressure
3MP (Can be set freely in the range)
Oil cylinder
Double acting cylinder, piston diameter Φ200mm
Hot plate
400*400mm*4, depth of parallelism: ±0.03mm
The time of temperature rise
Takes about 30 minutes to heat up to 200 ℃
Temperature rage
The normal temperature +10℃~200℃
Temperature Uniformity
≤±1.5℃ (200℃)
The mode of heating
Electric heating