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Pin cold feed extruder series can extrude various specifications of rubber at room temperature with high output performance and good extrusion quality.

Technical support

1. The outer surface of the barrel and screw is nitrided with alloy steel 38CrMoAlA, which has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

2. The temperature of the barrel is controlled in multiple stages. The barrel has temperature-controlled water hole channels evenly drilled along the circumference, which is convenient for the heat exchange between the temperature-controlled water and the barrel.

3. Adopt harden tooth surface reducer, stable transmission.

Technical parameters

Model ItemsXJD-65XJD-90XJD-150XJD-200XJD-250
Screw diameter(mm)6590150200250
L/D ratio1012121416141612141618121416
Max. Speed of screw (r/min)7070606060454532323232262626
Main motor power (KW)2230455575185200220280315355355400450
Row number of pins / number per row5/67/68/610/68/88/108/1010/1012/1010/1212/12
Total heating power(KW)183048485064
Cooling water pressure(Mpa)0.2~0.40.2~0.40.2~0.40.2~0.40.2~0.4
Max.production capacity (Kg/h)150360160025003500
Total weigh(T)

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