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OTR (Giant) tire hydraulic curing press (group) with single mold is mainly used for curing  gaint radial tires. All the processes of the OTR (Giant) tire hydraulic curing press (group) with single mold like green tire loading, shaping, mold closing/opening, cured tire unloading, etc. are fully automatic controlled.


Technical parameters(Giant tire)

Number of steam chamberpcs11111111
Inner diameter of steam chambermmΦ2500Φ2670Φ2970Φ3100Φ3700Φ4300Φ4700Φ5400
Structural style of center mechanism
Diameter of applicable beadinch22"-30"28"-30"33"-35"38"-45"35"-49"49"-51"51"-57"57"-63"
Max. mold closing forceKN1100013800180002000023000290003500046000
Height of segment moldmm900950100012001020130014001600
Max.out diameter of cured tiremmΦ1750Φ1860Φ2020Φ2380Φ3200Φ3200Φ3580Φ4000

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