Automatic tire vent trimming machine

2020-10-31 12:52:38

The automatic tire vent trimming machine is used to automatically trim the cured tire vent online, without manual intervention.


Product highlights:
1, High precision of trimming:The length of vent after shaving can be controlled between 0.7-1.5mm.
2, High efficient trimming: 18-25S/PCR; 35-42S/TBR       
3, Long longevity of the cutter: Cutters are made of high-technique alloy. The cutters can be used repeatedly up to 6 times and lasting 10 days after each time of sharpening.

Notes: For users with large changes of tires in specifications and models, it is recommended to configure a scanning device, create a database according to the different types of tires, so that to control the blades entry and exit positions by a PLC command servo motor for adopting large range of tire changes. Moreover, co-working with Dial system can achieve multi-machine linkage between as many trimmers.


The automatic tire vent trimming machine is from Qingdao Delphy Technology Development Co., Ltd.(DLFTECH) , which is a technology and equipment provider specializing in tire and conveyor belt industry. In accordance with the development concept of “integration, innovation, transcendence, and leading ”, we strive for getting through the whole process of tire and conveyor belt industry in terms of realizing Industry 4.0,  aiming for bringing new profit growth and lasting market competitiveness to clients and helping them in creating greater social value.

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