Automatic tire vent trimmer machine for finished cured tire air vent trimming

2019-10-12 12:30:13


The cured tire air vent trimmer is used for trimming the air vents of tire after curing. The whole trimming process from tire in to tire out is fully automatic  and no human intervention is needed.

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Brief Of Vertical Tire Vent Trimmer:



Brief Of Horizonal Tire Vent Trimmer:



Automatic Tire Vent Trimmer Product Highlights:

1, High precision of trimming:The length of vent after shaving can be controlled between 0.7-1.5mm.
2, High efficient trimming: 18-25S/PCR; 35-42S/TBR
3, Long longevity of the cutter:  Cutters are made of high-technique alloy. The cutters can be used repeatedly up to 6 times and lasting 10 days after each time of sharpening.