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Multi-blade slitter is used for slitting rubber sheet or rubberized cord fabric into various size of strips as needed, then wind-up the strips for next process.

Technical support

1.Deviation corrector: The electric edge correcting control system is used to ensure that the cord fabric or sheet can enter the cutting state accurately at the exact position

2.The Multi-blade slitter can be equipped with the edge residual material winding device, to separate the plastic liner from the rubber sheet of the edge residual material. 

3.The whole process of the Multi-blade slitter adopts  PLC control and speed is controlled by AC-frequency motor.

Technical parameters

Multi-Blade Slitter for fabric
Max.Width of fabric roll before slitting1500mm1600mm1500 mm
Max.diameter of  fabric roll before slittingφ1000mmφ1000mmφ900mm
Min.width of fabric roll after slitting80mm50mm200 mm
Tolerance of slitting width±lmm±0.5mm±lmm
Linear speed of fabric slitting4-40 m/min4-40 m/min0-30 m/min
Max.number of blades for fabric slitting20 PCs32  PCs20 PCs
Fabric cutter formPneumatic cutter diskFloating cutter groupBlade or Pneumatic slitting knife
Thickness of fabric0.5-2.0 mm0.8-18 mmMax.3.2mm
Max.diameter of  fabric roll after slittingφ800mmφ800mmφ650mm

Multi-Blade Slitter for rubber sheet
Max. width of rubber sheet roll before slitting800mm1500 mm
Max.diameter of rubber sheet roll before slittingφ1000mmφ900mm
Width of rubber sheet after slitting20~80mmMin.100 mm
Thickness of rubber sheet0.50~1.50mmMax.1.5 mm
Tolerance of slitting width士lmm士lmm
Rubber sheet cutter formPneumatic cutter diskBlade or Pneumatic slitting knife
Number of blades for rubber sheet slitting20 PCs20 PCs
Linear speed of rubber sheet slitting4-30m/min0-30 m/min
Max.diameter of rubber sheet roll after slittingφ600mm (Max.diameter of rubber sheet roll after slitting is 400mm when width of rubber sheet is 20mm)φ650mm(Max.diameter of rubber sheet roll after slitting is 350mm when width of rubber sheet is 25mm)

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