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Horizontal cutter for fabric cord is used to automatically let off the calendered cord fabric, and perform cord cutting, automatic splicing, and winding up according to the process requirements.

Technical support

1.Both let-off and take-up devices adopt ultrasonic wave to detect the diameter of the coil in real time. Control the air pressure of the pneumatic brake on the coil through the electric proportional valve to ensure constant tension for let-off.

2.The cutting conveyor fixed length device is servo controlled by two-stage belt, and the bottom is installed with a vortex air pump, which can blow up from the hole conveyor belt, not only reducing the resistance, but also achieving an accurate fixed length.

3.The dust-free cutting knife device is equipped with an automatic pressing positioning device at the cutting position, and the pressing plate is made of special materials to ensure that the cord fabric will not drift during cutting, thus ensuring the accuracy of cutting size.

4.There is compressed air at the bottom of the cutting plate. After finishing the cutting of the ply, in case the head of the ply is pasted to the teflon cutting plate while feeding, solenoid valve will act to get the cutting knife plate air channel into compressed air, making the ply head always warped.

5.Depending on process requirements, users can apply two different strip formulations to the cord fabric simultaneously.

Technical parameters

Let-off modeFront and rear double station
Max.diameter of  fabric rollφ1200mm
Max.width of  fabric roll1500mm
Width of fabric cutting300-900mm
Angle of  fabric cutting88°-90°(adjustable)
Angle tolerance of  fabric cutting±0.25°
Width tolerance of  fabric cutting±1mm
Fabric joint misalignment<1.0mm
Efficiency of cutting14 times/min
Efficiency of automatic splicing14 times/min
Width of fabric splicingMax.900mm.
Overlap joint of automatic splicing2~4 cords
Accuracy of overlap joint+0.5mm
Accuracy of fabric vertical cutting±1mm
Accuracy of alignment for winding up±3mm
Rubber sheet application methodLet-off by single station with 2 strips applied
Wind-up modeDouble station winding up

Applicable fabric thickness0.7-1.3 mm
Width of fabric cutting1400 mm
Max.diameter of  fabric rollMAX 1100 mm
Max. diameter of lining roll550 mm
Width of lining fabric1600 mm
Winding Shafts

I-wheel trolleys (Design according to the size of the workpiece provided by the demander)

Fabric storage capacity≥ 2000mm
Width of conveyor belt1570MM
Height of conveyor800 mm
Width of fabric cutting300-850 mm
Width tolerance of  fabric cutting±2MM
Angle tolerance of  fabric cutting±0.3°
Accuracy of alignment for winding up±3mm
Efficiency of automatic splicing(30°×350mm width)10 times/min
Angle of  fabric cutting0°-55°
Feeding speedMAX 35m/min

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