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Curing press line for fabric cord rubber conveyor belt is a specialized curing production line for fabric rubber conveyor belt.

Technical support

1. Adopt hydraulic automatic iron jacking devices, single device by single control, which ensures that the center of the belt and the belt edges are neat. 

2. Equipped heat balancing device with double directions on the upper/ lower plaftorms to eliminate heat deformation and ensure the cold pressing lead error of heating platen is less than 0.15mm.

3. PLC control with touch screen.Each equipment in the production line can realize manual, automatic operation, and necessary linkage of the whole line.

Technical parameters

Name of deviceModelXLB-Q1200x12800x2XLB-Q1400x10600(12800)x2XLB-Q1600x10000(12800)x2XLB-Q1800x12800x2XLB-Q2200x12600x2
Liner winding-up

Max. diameter of liner winding-up (mm)600600600600600

Max. width of liner winding-up (mm)12001400160018002200
Let-off device

Max, diameter of green belt roll (mm)35003500350035003500

Max. width of green belt roll(mm)11001300150016002100

Pull back speed(m/min)2222
Front traction device

Max width of working face of drum(mm)12001400160018002200

Diameter of traction roller(mm)320290320320370

Max.thickness of belt(mm)3232323232

Traction speed(positive&negative rotation)15m/min15m/min15m/min15m/min15m/min
Front clamping&stretching device

Max.clamping force(Max. KN)500540630(Max)960(Max)900(Max)

Clamping platen size(mm)400x1200400×1400400x1600400x1800500x2200

Clamping cylinder stroke(mm)360360360360360

Max. stretching force(KN)400432504770720

Stretching cylinder stroke(Max. mm)10001000100010001000
Curing press

Structure typeFrame type hydraulic liftingFrame type hydraulic liftingFrame type hydraulic liftingFrame type hydraulic liftingFrame type hydraulic lifting

Heating platen size(mm)1200x12800x80(top、bottom heating platen)
1200x12800x90(mid heating platen)
1400x10600(12800)x80(top、bottom heating platen)
1400x10600(12800)x90(mid heating platen)
1600×10000(12800)×80(top、bottom heating platen)
1600x10000(12800)x90(mid heating platen)
1800×12800×80(top、bottom heating platen)
1800x12800x90(mid heating platen)
2200×12600×80(top、bottom heating platen)
2200x12600x100(mid heating platen)

Max. curing belt width (mm)10001200140016002000

Curing thickness(mm)5~325~325~325~325~32

Unit pressure of heating platen(MPa)u3.2 3.2 3.2 3.5

Max.ram stroke(mm)360360360360360

Ram diameter(mm)400450500(450)500600

Ram quantity(pc)2016(18)14(20)2018

Rise speed of heating platen8mm/s8mm/s8mm/s8mm/s6mm/s

Heating platen fallingself weightself weightself weightself weightself weight temperature of heating platen170℃170℃170℃170℃170℃

Steam pressure(Mpa)
Middle clamping device

Max.clamping force(KN,adjustable)50540630960900

Clamping platen size (mm)400X1200400×1400400x1600400x1800500x2200

Clamping cylinder stroke(mm)360360360360360
Back clamping&stretching device

Max.clamping force(KN,adjustable)500540630960900

Claming platen size (mm)400X1200400×1400400x1600400x1800500x2200

Clamping cylinder stroke (mm)400300300360360

Max.stretching force(KN)4004325041000720

Stretching cylinder stroke(Max. mm)10001000100010001000
Back traction device

Max. width of working face of drum(mm)12001400160018002200

Traction speed(positive&negative rotation)15m/min15m/min15m/min15m/min15m/min
Belt repair curing press(Optional)

Heating platen size (mm)1200x600x601400x600x601600x500x601800x800x702200x800x70
Wind-up and packing device

(Double ground roll)Max. width of rolling belt(mm)10001200140016002000

Max. diameter of rolling belt(mm)φ3500φ3500φ3500φ3500φ3500

Linear speed of belt wind-up(Max. m/min)1515151515

Max. weight of belt wind-up10t12t10t15t16t

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