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Compound splitting machine is mainly used to split the compound tread rubber before curing. The Compound splitting machine can flatly split all kinds of rubber materials like compound rubber consisting of two layer made with two formulas or consisting of three layer made with three formulas; The separated rubber are neat and smooth. The rate of division can be approximate 90%. We also provide client Inner liner compound splitting machine, and Apex&Sidewall compound splitting machine.

Technical parameters

NameTread compound splitting machineInner liner compound splitting machineApex and sidewall compound splitting machine
Material Feeding width(mm)700980480
Max.Feeding thickness(mm)604060
Feeding speed(m/min)0~20 (Adjustable)108.5~18
Annular cutter moving speed(m/s)5 (Adjustable)77.5
Min.size of material output(mm)10.81
Total power(KW)151513
Overall size   (L*W*H mm)


Weight (KG)550035002000

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