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Auto tire white sidewall buffer is used to buff the tire sidewall that with protective rubber film,for revealing an eye-catching appearance--white or colorful letters or strip on the sidewall.

Technical support

1.Fully automatic control. All processes including tire feeding, tire centering, clamping device, buffing and tire output are completed automatically without manual intervention.

2. Recipe control management. Specific tire pressure is confirmed according to tire specifications. Adopt proportional value to automatically lock the air pressure. Self-built database, realize recipe control management.

3.Intelligent identification. It's optional to set scanning system linking to the tire's database. According to the scanning data, automatically identify tire's specifications and models, then the buffing head can automatically go and work on the buffing area.

4. High-end configuration. The whole buffing process is controlled by servo.

5.High precision buffing wheels.100 mesh for rough buffing, 180 mesh for fine buffing.

Technical parameters

Applicable tire sizeDLF-M(13"-18")
Adjustment range of tire grinding diameterΦ420~Φ770mm
Adjustment range of rim height100~280mm
Adjustment range of Grinding width15~40mm
Height before grinding>3.5mm
Height after grinding1-2mm
The end face runout of patterns after grinding<±0.5mm
Adjustment range of grinding wheel inlet and outlet direction420mm-770mm
Angle adjustment range of grinding wheel-25°~+25°
Applicable tire overall diameter560mm-930mm
Applicable tire section width150mm-350mm
Max.tire weight50KG

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