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Auto tire air vent trimmer is used to trim the cured tire air vent, without manual intervention.

Technical support

1. Configure scanning system on conveying line directly, realize tire feeding and tire trimming automatically.

2. The system adopts Human-machine interface (HMI) and Mitsubishi PLC to realize automatic control. The parameter setting for various trimming position, modification and storage, calling, fault analysis and diagnosis can be displayed through touch screen. 

3. Equipped with spray system to prevent fire, and with waste rubber vent and waste water collection device to keep the site clean.

4. Equipped with tire centering device and distribution system, multi-machine linkage can also be realized.

Technical parameters

NameTBR Vertical trimmerPCR Vertical trimmer
Applicable tire size16"-24.5"12"-18"
Air vent( rubber vent) trimming rate≥98%≥98%
Air vent(rubber vent) trimming partTread & ShoulderTread & Shoulder
Applicable tire outer diameterΦ740mm-Φ1300mmΦ500mm-Φ850mm
Section width180mm-400mm135mm-320mm
Air vent length after trimmingTire tread0.5mm-1.2mm
Tire shoulder
Tire tread0.5mm-1.2mm
Tire shoulder
Max,weight of tire100KG50KG
Cycle time26-40S/PCS16-22S/PCS

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