DLFTECH is a technology and equipment provider specializing in rubber industry. In accordance with the development concept of “integration, innovation, transcendence, and leading”, we strive for getting through the whole process of tire industry in terms of realizing Industry 4.0, aiming for bringing new profit growth and lasting market competitiveness to clients and helping them in creating greater social value.

The company is headquartered in the beautiful West Coast New District of Qingdao, China. Mainly produce conveyor belt equipment and hydraulic tire curing press. DLFTECH benefits from the cooperation of surrounding colleges, universities and industry experts, while exerting its own advantages, in accordance with the development concept of "Integration, innovation, transcendence and leading", DLFTECH actively cultivates the industry giants those companies with independent knowledge products and fist products in the industry, for a further development.

At present, DLFTECH has set one design center and four manufacturing bases in China, namely Qingdao Xiangjian Industrial Engineering Co., Ltd., Qingdao West Coast New District Universal Machinery Manufacturing Base, Jiangyin Niche Product Manufacturing Base, Inner Mongolia Extruder Series Product Manufacturing Base and Anhui Special Tooling Manufacturing base. Meanwhile, DLFTECH has signed strategic cooperation agreements with various oligopolistic companies in the industry, which enable DLFTECH undertaking general contracting of tire and conveyor belt projects with full support.  In addition, the company has been authorized as the global exclusive agency of CGN’s EBR System in tire division. 

DLFTECH wishes creating a brilliant future through the cooperation with new and old customers, continually giving its contribution for the word rubber industry !