Solution for Tire

The steps of the tire making process:

1- Understanding through research

We study peoples' tire usage and driving habits to make sure tires meet client's needs.

2- Developing and mixing materials

Over 200 ingredients go into a tire. They play vital roles in safety, fuel efficiency, performance and eco-friendliness.

These components fall into five groups:

Natural rubber: the main component of the tread layers

Synthetic rubber: part of the treads of car, van and 4x4 tires

Carbon black and silica: used as a reinforcing agent to improve durability

Metallic and textile reinforcement cables: the "skeleton" of the tire, forming the geometric shape and providing rigidity.

Numerous chemical agents: for unique properties like low rolling resistance or ultra-high grip

3- Designing

We create many different designs and use simulations to test and select the best tire concepts to be developed.

4- Manufacturing

We expertly build each tire through both hand-made and automated processes. When necessary, we invent our own machines to reach our goals.

5- Quality control

Quality control is not only an end step. We measure quality throughout the process.