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EBR System For PCR Tire

The Electron beam processing system(EBR System) is used to optimize tire components performance,lessen fabric tensile deformation,improve uniformity of material arrangement and lower penetration rate down to nearly zero through changing molecular structure by radiation.

Quality improvement:It helps to avoid the mutual penetration of the transition layer and the carcass ply, which can effectively correct the problem of exposed cords in cavity of PCR tires.

Cost reduction:Thin or even cancel transition layer by optimizing the radiation dose, thereby greatly reducing the production cost.

Energy-saving:It can reduce the weight of the tire and the rolling resistance , which helps to achieve fuel saving and exhaust gas emission reduction.

1.Higher stability:The irradiation window adopts scanning structure, energy and electron beam stability is within ±2%,which ensures the material receives radiation dose uniformly;Leakage dose outside the shield is less than 1µSvh when tested within a distance of 100mm.

2.Smaller occupied space:Modularized layout enables equipment being embed in production line easily and without changing.

3.Intelligent control:It is installed with on-line infrared temperature measurement system, material cooling system and PLC Adjustable Speed Drives System, realizing EB radiation processing working with calender synchronously.

4.Simpler structure:It has structural design by R&D, which leads to maintaining easily and with a low maintenance cost.

5.Faster radiation:It has a short time for the irradiation, which is only 3 seconds taken to complete crosslinking, realizes calendered fabric being radiated by EB processing system while calendered fabric is conveyed on the production line.


Materials to be irradiated
Carcass ply
Accelerator form
vertical type
Electron beam energy
0.45~0.5MeV adjustable
Rated electron beam current
Electron beam energy adjustable range
0.45~0.5MeV adjustable
Electron beam current adjustable range
Energy stability
Electron beam current stability
Energy Conversion rate
Scan width
Scan nonuniformity
Vacuum degree on- load running
Better than 2.0×10-4   Pa
Max. EB current power
Way of working
available to run continuously for 24 hours
Electron gun filament service life
Service life of titanium film
Leakage dose outside the shield
≦1µSv/h(When the distance from the device is 100mm)
Noise level
Equipment failure rate
≤1.5% (Under prescribed circumstances)
Scanner chamber cooling
Provide air cooling, water cooling supporting system
Transfer method after vulcanization
Roller conveying
Radiation form
Single-sided radiation