Rodolfo Comerio‘super-combined’calendering line

2019-08-06 11:03:20

Rodolfo Comerio conceives super-combinedcalendering line


A major tyre manufacturer chose Rodolfo Comerio for the manufacturing of an innovative calendering line for a new plant in India able to produce rubberised textile cord and inner liner, as well as rubberised steel cord.


This super-combinedcalendering line will be manufactured in Rodolfo Comerios facilities in Solbiate Olona, Italy, alongside several New-Generation calendering lines equipped with cutting-edge technologies invented and patented by the Italian manufacturer.

The RC SF-FreeSystem patented system of friction-free roll shifting, enables tyre manufacturers to provide increasingly high-performing tyres made of calendered material, with improved rubber penetration, thickness accuracy and cords distribution end-count per inch (EPI or EPD), amongst many other benefits.

The new technologies and the new systems adopted for the pre- and post-calender sections significantly increase productivity and guarantee high levels of safety.

The super-combinedcalendering line destined for the Indian customer will boost daily productivity on material for all tyre types.

Rodolfo Comerio, due to an enormous use of resources, is bringing calendering technology to levels recently considered unattainable, according to a recent press release.

The company is also introducing new assistance plans to ensure even faster installations and start-up of plants to guarantee customers a faster return on investment.

Rodolfo Comerios facilities can perform a mechanical installation of an entire line for steel cord rubberising in just two to three weeks.

Rodolfo Comerio also provides timely remote assistance for all systems through the RC VPN CONNECTINGSystem. The company installs a VPN router in its main electrical cabinet which can connect (at the customers request) with Rodolfo Comerios VPN server in Solbiate Olona.



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Qingdao Delphy Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a service provider engaged in the whole process incubation (equipment, process, utilities, electronic control equipment, formula and raw material customization, personnel training) in the tire and conveyor belt industry.Delphy benefits from the technical and R&D support of domestic experts in tire and conveyor belt industry  and of research institutes and universities, as well from technical exchange and learning with international large-scale academic teams and rubber industry experts, which makes us be able to stand at the forefront of world rubber technology. Furthermore, with strong processing and assembly capabilities, we are committed to providing new material, new technique, new equipment and line upgrading with high quality and sophisticated technology, which are good enough to improve industry standard. Delphy has established comprehensive strategic cooperation with upstream, middle and downstream enterprises in the tire and conveyor belt industry in China and neighboring countries. Company has been making continuous efforts to promote the automation and intelligent development in rubber industry, and is committed to creating an incubator platform including production, training and research of the tire and conveyor belt industries. 


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Tire bead winding system




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