About Delphy

DLFTECH is a technology and equipment provider specializing in tire and conveyor belt industry.In accordance with the development concept of “integration, innovation, transcendence, and leading”, we strive for getting through the whole process of tire and conveyor belt industry in terms of realizing Industry 4.0, aiming for bringing new profit growth and lasting market competitiveness to clients and helping them in creating greater social value.

DLFTECH benefits from the technical and R&D support of domestic experts in tire and conveyor belt industry  and of research institutes and universities, as well from technical exchange and learning with international large-scale academic teams and rubber industry experts, which makes us be able to stand at the forefront of world rubber technology. Furthermore, with strong processing and assembly capabilities, we are committed to providing new material, new technique, new equipment and line upgrading with high quality and sophisticated technology, which are good enough to improve industry standard. At present, delphy has set up one design center and three manufacturing bases in China,namely Qingdao Rubber Construction Industrial Engineering Co., Ltd., Qingdao West Coast New District Universal Machinery Manufacturing Base, Jiangyin Niche Product Manufacturing Base and Inner Mongolia Extruder Series Product Manufacturing Base. Delphy has established comprehensive strategic cooperation with upstream, middle and downstream enterprises in the tire and conveyor belt industry in China and neighboring countries. Company has been making continuous efforts to promote the automation and intelligent development in rubber industry, and is committed to creating an incubator platform including production, training and research of the tire and conveyor belt industries.